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Bad news of the week about cryptocurrencies

May 17, 2020

The halving came and left what means miners only get 6.25 bitcoins for each block and we have only a few Wait 1450 days for the next halving. You can look forward to it, especially since this halving does not seem to have done much damage. The price hasn’t changed much, suggesting that halving already had a price. Predictions of a sudden decline did not result from a sudden surge, nor did Craig Wright’s threat to lower the price. We can all be calm again.

One change, however, was that 23.40 Bitcoins payout from some exchanges immediately after halving. It seems that users feel safe enough to keep their coins in their wallets long-term. Are you correct if you are so optimistic? Experts disagree. Some see signs of a further increase. Others expect a rapid decline first.

As for the last block, F2pool Miner wrote a message in the Coinbase transaction. “NYTimes Apr / 09/2020 With an injection of USD 2.3T, the Federal Reserve plan far exceeds the 2008 bailout,” says the block. a reminder of where Bitcoin came from and why it is still running.

Bad news of the week about cryptocurrencies
Bad news of the week about cryptocurrencies

However, it is not progressing Youtube. Google property Gearbox separated live from CoinTelegraph on halvingand describes it as “harmful content”. It took them six hours and 42 minutes. The broadcast should take seven hours.

In other news, Most cryptocurrency users seem to believe that Gerald Cotten has faked his own death. The founder and CEO of QuadrigaCX is said to have died as a volunteer in India. Since Cotten was the only person with the wallet and keys of the purse, users with a fortune of $ 145 million are blocked. You asked to have his body exhumed.

But the Telegram Open Network is definitely dead. Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has given up the network and its Gram tokens lost after a long struggle with the Securities and Exchange Commission from the United States.

Lolli looks more lively. The Bitcoin Rewards app has completed a $ 3 million seed round. Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Phan were among the investors.

And if you’re looking for really valuable rewards, Garbage Pail Kids NFTs can now be sold and traded on the WAX ​​blockchain. Or you could wait. The Bad Crypto Podcast and Golden Mic are partnering with to donate # Superft tokens to SuperRare. When the Cryptovoxels pyramid opens in two weeks, there will be an auction where most of the funds will be used for charity.

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