Aztec Wellbeing registration: Here you will find all the details

Learn more about the steps to register Aztec Wellbeing and learn how to collect Benito Juárez scholarships.

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Aztec Wellbeing registration: Here you will find all the details
Aztec Wellbeing registration: Here you will find all the details

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Click here to complete the process: Register with Bienestar Azteca.

The Bienestar Azteca app is the platform used by the national coordination of the grants for wellbeing to issue collection notifications and to transmit the amounts of these grants to the beneficiaries.

Bienestar Azteca is the digital alternative to avoid the conglomerations caused by pre-health notification of physical collection.

Who can use Aztec Wellness?

With the online application, middle and high school students who receive the Benito Juárez scholarships can receive pick-up notifications online.

If you have not yet received a Benito Juárez scholarship, wait until you register directly at your school for the next cycle.

What do I need to register with Bienestar Azteca?

  • Be a beneficiary of the Benito Juárez scholarships at medium and high levels
  • With the unique population registration code (CURP)
  • Have the email address and mobile phone number that you registered when you registered for the Benito Juárez Fellowships.

If you do not have such information, you must obtain it directly from the managers of your campus.

Is there a deadline for registration on the platform?

According to the National Scholarship Coordination, there is no registration deadline. So if you are a beneficiary of the social program, “your scholarship is already insured”.

Registration step by step

  • Access the website from a desktop computer:
  • Enter your CURP
  • Add your personal information
  • They will take a picture of you
  • Create a password
  • Write your phone number
  • Enter your email address
  • Register the verification code (sent via email or cell phone for confirmation)
  • Open an account for your scholarship
  • You will receive your username by email
  • Ready!

Due to demand, the site may get crowded and you will have to try several times. Be patient and do it until you get it.

Does the online application Bienestar Azteca App only work on mobile phones and is it identical to the Banco Azteca app?

The page can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection: mobile phone, electronic tablet, desktop or laptop.

Attention! There is a banking application (Banco Azteca App) whose name might confuse you. Check that the address is

How do you get your scholarship payment through Bienestar Azteca?

Since you have a username and password, you can enter and “get money”. To validate the information, you will be asked for your password again.

You already have the money in your Wellbeing account, you can go to “Withdraw cash” and select the place where you want to withdraw the amount you have given and confirm again.

Finally, you have to download the QR or barcode. The bank and the bank you selected will display the codes and data that the banking institution needs to complete the movement.

How do I know if I’ve been added to the Benito Juárez Media Superior scholarship list?

To find out whether you have been included in the list of beneficiaries, you should consult the authorities of your school. If not, registration will open for the next school year. Ask the appropriate staff at your school to register you.

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