Axie Infinity is adjusting its Axies breeding fees

The popular game platform NFT Axie Infinity announced an adjustment of the breeding rate of its characters within the metaverse, the Axies, via its official Twitter account.

According to the platform, which originally came from Vietnam The update will take place in the next 24 hours and will announce the reduction in the cost per race from 2 AXS to 1 AXS, while the cost of SLP per race will be increased by a cumulative frequency.

Axie Infinity is adjusting its Axies breeding fees
Axie Infinity is adjusting its Axies breeding fees

Among the reasons the platform cites for these adjustments is the long-term sustainability of the in-game economy, which has been negatively impacted by false expectations about the token’s economics, affecting the volatility of the price of the. influenced their native virtues, especially among the game’s newest players.

The platform notes that in order to maintain a healthy and balanced economy between players and demand, given the launch of their decentralized exchange Ronin DEX and their Battles V2 version for 2022, such adjustments were required to guarantee the demand creature axes fed by the platform to be provided.

Finally, they highlighted the SLP crowd imbalance in the gaming economy as one of the foundations for adjusting tariffs to make both demand and use of this token honest.

AXS on an uptrend

One of the big winners in the crypto market today is the native token of the Axie Infinity platform, AXS.

As Cointelegraph reports today, the AXS token rose more than 45% on its price rally after being immersed in a heavily declining channel that took it to an average of $ 48 earlier in the week.

However, analysts point out that despite the rebound, the AXS / USD pair is on the verge of forming a death cross, a bearish value for the tokens.

But with the new update to the in-game economics through increased breeding fees, it is possible that the selling pressure on native SLP and AXS tokens among users may decrease, so the platform could prepare and raise concerns with newer users.

New users who finally do not understand the economy within the platform and arrive with unrealistic expectations raised by the abundant FOMO on the platforms about substantial income, especially among users from developing countries and with hyperinflationary economies like Venezuela.

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