Axie Infinity announces a 50% reduction in rewards in SLP tokens

By welcoming the 18th season, The popular blockchain game Axie Infinity announced that it would reduce by fifty percent the rewards in the form of SLP tokens, which are obtained in both adventure mode and daily missions.

The reasons given by the developers of the Metaverse in their publication suggest that â ????long-term health of the ecosystemto????. The reasons lie in an imbalance between the amount burned by users in SLP tokens and the amount minted by the platform.

They also point it out there was abuse of some bots in his game format – Adventureâ ???? (PVE), a format in which players try to climb up to position themselves among the top rankings on the platform and receive the juicy rewards that the game gives to the leaders.

Axie Infinity announces a 50% reduction in rewards in SLP tokens
Axie Infinity announces a 50% reduction in rewards in SLP tokens

Axie points out that with these adjustments, the scholarship system will be one of the great benefactors, Since a ????They will push up student salaries for skilled fighters and reward managers who have taken the time to train and train their academics for the arena.

The Axie Infinity Scholarship System is now a livelihood mechanism for thousands of Venezuelans and Filipinos leading the user traffic metrics that make up for â ??play to winto????, the format that has become so popular today in games based on blockchain technology that Axie made Infinity go viral.

With more than 27,000 users and a transaction volume of just over 40 million dollars in the last 24 hours Axie Infinity is one of the most representative decentralized applications based on Ethereum of the blockchain ecosystem today.

According to DappRadar, the platform currently ranks fourth among the most popular game-oriented dApps in terms of users and is number one in terms of transaction volume.

Axie Inifnity has multiple ways to win on its platform, with the PVE (Players vs. Environment) battle mode being the easiest way to win, which is even used by beginners within the platform. The earnings here are set in SLP (Small Chunks of Love) tokens that users trade daily on exchanges such as Binance or Uniswap.

According to the new equipment setting, users will earn a maximum of 75 SLP with the 50% reduction in rewards, including the 50 SLP in PVE mode and the daily reward of 25 SLP for completing daily missions.

Keeping in mind that the price of the SLP token is currently around $ 0.20 at the time of this writing (+ 15.48%), according to CoinmarketCap data, a user now earns an average of $ 15 per day.

With this profit reduction by half, it can be expected that the upward momentum will continue to increase due to the supply shortage in the SLP market, as it did in today’s session with a double-digit increase after the Axie. the case was announced by the Infinity team.

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