Autocinema Mixhuca: hours and prices from

Entry costs 10 pesos and is available in two functions on Wednesdays and Sundays from July 26 to August 19.

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Autocinema Mixhuca: hours and prices from
Autocinema Mixhuca: hours and prices from

If you are one of the most missed going to the movies, we have good news for you. He Government of Mexico City You have activated a drive-in within the Hermanos Rodríguez race track. The area chosen for the driveway was the sports car Magdalena Mixhuca According to José Alfonso Suárez del Real y Aguilera, head of the Ministry of Culture, at a press conference in the Mayor of Iztacalco’s office due to the low infection rate.

“Inspired by the drive-ins of the 1950s and the desire to be together again, we offer an entertainment option with all health measures, with which we can get closer to the experiences that we like best, such as films on the big screen “, show the Ministry of Culture It is a statement.

You can participate every Wednesday and Sunday from July 26th to August 19th. The entrance is through gate 15 of the fourth curve of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. Since the capacity is limited to 415 cars, there are two functions per day. The first recording time is at 3:30 p.m. and the second at 6:30 p.m. However, the films will be shown at 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

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There is also information on the number of people who must be in the vehicles. While a maximum of 5 people are allowed for small cars, up to 8 passengers are allowed for trucks.

Participants must buy their tickets in advance through Ticketmaster and Ticketfast for 10 pesos. This recovery fee is used to procure the necessary hygiene material. In the same way, the proof of purchase gives the instructions that you must follow to go through the sanitary filters without complications, e.g. B. wearing a mouth mask in case you need to get out of the car.

The head of the Ministry of Culture emphasized the importance of Everyone carries their own popcorn, sweets and othersbecause no food can be provided in the drive-in cinema. He also warned that the temperature of all passengers in each unit should be measured in order to both enter the drive-in and use the restrooms, recalling that minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

On the other hand, he announced the films in the cinemas that will be shown at the scheduled times and announced that the drive-in with the films will open “The third call” in the first hour and “Matinee” for the second. The screenings will be streamed on the Cultural Capital platform in our house and on the Capital 21 channel for those who cannot attend.

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Finally, Suárez del Real y Aguilera added that after the results of this project by the Ministry of Culture and the reduction of infections in the capital, further entry into the areas of Lake Chapultepec and Lake Xochimilco should be prepared.

“And so we want us to keep in mind that we have to protect ourselves to protect others and to be able to ensure the restoration of collective cultural activities Mixhuca drive-in cinema Mexico City is really a success that allows us to find each other again, “he said.

The projection of the following films by date and time was determined as follows:


  • 16th of July: “The third call” and “Matinee”
  • August 2nd: “The Insomniac Club” and “Alamar”
  • August 9: “I dream in another language” and “The legend of La Llorona”
  • August 16: “Dust” and “Before forgetting”


  • 29th of July: Halley and “Here comes Curmudgeon”
  • 5th of August: “The Thin Yellow Line” and “Ana and Bruno”
  • 12. August: “A day without a Mexican” and “Babylon”
  • August 19th: “Mara’akame’s Dream” and “The legend of the black Charro”

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