AutenTIC joins Colombia Fintech

AutenTIC, a company that offers electronic signature services, has joined the Colombia Fintech ecosystem. This was reported on the latter’s blog.

With AutenTIC you can electronically sign and authenticate: rental contracts, employment contracts, promissory notes, powers of attorney, permits, sales promises and a large number of documents with legal validity from various devices.

“At AutenTIC, we firmly believe that the path to progress for Colombia is to fill inequality gaps, and one of the cornerstones of this is accessibility. The technological tools that our product development team has developed today are more than ever.” They have become much more powerful and necessary to give many citizens this real accessibility in terms of time, efficiency, security, justice and economy, “they stressed.

AutenTIC joins Colombia Fintech
AutenTIC joins Colombia Fintech

‍ Also on the Colombia Fintech Blog, stressed that digital transformation and innovation are pillars that Colombia needs to face this difficult situation in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.

Legaltech in the Colombian market

On the initiative of Legal Hackers, a global movement of lawyers, technophiles, and academics from various fields, it was concluded that there are more than 100 digital projects in Colombia in the area of ​​law known as “LegalTech”. This was also reported by Colombia Fintech on its website.

On this website it says: “These (projects) perform various functions such as legal research, automation of documents and processes and training. Each of them has been trying to promote a change in the legal landscape for several years.”

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