‘Aussie Trump’ invests in Bitcoin because it is the “millennial version of gold”

Cory Bernardi – a controversial character the Sydney Morning Herald has dubbed “Donald Trump of Australia” (Aussie Trump) – spoke of Bitcoin in his tweetsand challenged the results of the US presidential election.

In a tweet on November 11th Bernardi explained that it had converted to Bitcoin (BTC) “in recent years” and that the demand for the cryptocurrency was “getting stronger”.. He cited the views of Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano as “in the loop” on Bitcoin.

“My bottom line is that it is the millennial version of gold,” explained Bernardi. “Yet I see risks, but they are basically the same as other asset classes: Legacy, Trust and Demand “.

‘Aussie Trump’ invests in Bitcoin because it is the “millennial version of gold”
‘Aussie Trump’ invests in Bitcoin because it is the “millennial version of gold”

Bernardi was a Senator from South Australia from 2006-2020 and is known for his extremely conservative and reactionary views. She has spoken out against women serving in the military and advocated hot political issues around Islam, the burqa and terrorism. After Bernardi left the government, he created a website with financial advice.

Despite Bernardi’s controversial views, founder of the crypto education site Nuggets News, Alex Saunders, said so The comments were the continuation of a change when it comes to high profile people talking about cryptocurrencies.

“”Two years ago [hablar positivamente sobre Bitcoin y la criptomoneda] it was taboo“Saunders said to Cointelegraph.” You have put your career at risk, people have been worried about the volatility. They thought it was only used for nefarious purposes. “

“I think we’ve passed that point. The genie is out of the bottle. People get it, whether it’s Paul Tudor Jones, Stan Druckermiller or even Warren Buffett talking about gold. Times change. […] The way we think about money and how people save money is being questioned. “

Saunders said that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s recent announcement of a $ 100 billion quantitative easing program (ie from “money printing”) This was one possible reason why investors in more traditional financial funds may be switching to cryptocurrencies.

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