Audi apologizes for its social media campaign

Many Twitter users criticized a photo of a girl leaning against a car advertising the brand for the Audi SR4.

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Audi apologizes for its social media campaign
Audi apologizes for its social media campaign

The German automaker Audi apologized for using an advertising image showing a girl leaning on the radiator of her RS ​​4 model and eating a banana. This was posted on their official Twitter account and met with fierce criticism from Internet users.

The ad was accompanied by a copy that said: “Makes your heart beat faster – in every way. #AudiRS” (make your heart beat faster in all aspects).

The users rated the campaign as insensitive because the girl’s position in front of the car prevented the (potential) driver from seeing her and thereby preventing an accident, and some even suggested that the picture was sexually suggestive.

Other users pointed out that the banana is a phallic symbol and that the girl’s clothing should sexualize the message compared to what other people said about the color of autoerotic.

In view of this controversy, Audi published on its Twitter account: “We sincerely apologize for this persistent image and will make sure it will not be used in the future. We will also immediately investigate internally how this campaign was created and whether the control mechanisms fail have in this case “.


Audi emphasized that “it takes care of children” and that the RS 4 is a family vehicle with more than 30 driver assistance systems, which is why several family members appear in the model’s advertising campaign. “We were hoping to convey that even the weakest road users can relax and rely on RS technology. That was a mistake! Audi never intended to hurt the feelings of others.”

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