Attention! This is how you can prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen

You will be notified of cyberattacks on your WhatsApp account with a simple message, and without complex hacker attacks, they can easily remove them.

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Attention! This is how you can prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen
Attention! This is how you can prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen

This yearThe arrival of the pandemic caused people to carry out Activities online or via internet platforms. These changes They brought new scams with them and therefore it should be careful and careful against cyber attacks.

Between multiple cyber crimes, Recently a new one has emerged which is built using a mechanism that the instant messaging app has Whatsapp at the moment that a user Change cell phone and want to transfer your account.

In accordance with the warnings of the Cybersecurity company Check Point, warns of a new type of cyberattack discovered in the past few weeks steals the victims’ WhatsApp accounts Use the trust you have in your contacts.

When someone changes phones and wants to transfer their account Whatsapp, the tech company sends a Authentication by SMS to the previous phone number so that it can be entered. You can use this process to change the instant messaging application from one number to another. But it also opens the door Cyber ​​criminals to access the Victim’s account.

“The first thing you need to know about this cyber attack is that the main benefit for the cybercriminal is to take advantage of the victim’s trust. Because of this, the way this attack is carried out is based on the fact that this cybercriminal previously managed to attack one of the victim’s contacts in order to steal all the phone numbers he had, ”he says Eusebio Nieva, Check Point Technical Director for Spain and Portugal.

This is how cyber criminals use the phone number to write Whatsapp and ask for the code SMS for authentication. They later pretend to be a known contact and communicate with the victim requesting the code. They argue that they made a mistake while sending.

It should be noted that recovering accounts is not easy. “The only way would be to talk to Whatsapp to inform them of the theft of the account and that they will automatically cancel this account with this phone number, “states the specialist.

How can I protect my account?

To the prevent that kind of attack “The most important thing is that a person who receives an SMS reads it carefully”says the expert. It is also important to be very careful with the codes sent and Note that you should never send a code that you receive to anyone.

Recommendations to prevent hacking victims on WhatsApp:

  1. Specialists do not recommend opening your account on shared computers and regularly checking which devices are viewing WhatsApp web sessions.

  2. The application never asks users for information about calls, WhatsApp messages, or text messages.

  3. If you need a verification code, avoid sharing it with more people.
  4. If they send you text messages from unfamiliar numbers, better block them without replying or providing any personal information.

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