Attention! Don’t make these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile picture

A good picture always makes a difference. Don’t make the most common mistakes!

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Attention! Don’t make these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile picture
Attention! Don’t make these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile picture

Never underestimate the value of a profile picture in LinkedIn. The way you present yourself in a small box may not say a thousand words, but it certainly tells potential employees, partners, and customers something about you. Of course you resume is important, but just like any encounter in the real world, the picture always forms one first impression.

Still, LinkedIn is full of shameful, poor-quality photos. Catherine Fisher and professional photographer Donald Bowers have encountered some common mistakes.

Here you can find out what you do and what you don’t do with your profile picture.

1. Have a profile picture

It may sound very obvious, but there are people who use it LinkedIn with the standard blue silhouette and that’s a big problem. Simply adding a photo increases your visibility on the website by 14 times. So if you already had to create an account, you have no excuses not to upload a photo.

2. Don’t forget the context

LinkedIn It is a platform for professionals. If you are not a veterinarian, never enclose your pet. There are many dogs and cats on the website, and not only that: photos of victims of an aggressive cut. Please: Do not upload a bikini photo unless you are a swimsuit model. Be professional.

3. Look at the light

If you can’t spend on a professional photographer, at least ask a friend to take your photo. The first thing you should do is make sure that the light source comes from one side, either from the left or from the right, as direct flash flattens the photo and, on the contrary, the side lighting provides a more modeled appearance. Try taking photos indoors against a white or gray background. If you want to go outside, avoid lunch so you don’t have any problems with the shadows.

4. Balance your formality

Not all photos of LinkedIn they have to look the same. While a face frame works for most professions, it’s important to adjust the photo style for the job you want. Ask yourself: “How would the company’s employees dress?” The answer varies depending on the industry.

5. Consider a professional photographer

A professional photo is an investment that you can use for 5 years. We have all suffered from stress and lack of sleep, but with a little airbrush we can minimize eye bags, among other things. Retouching helps: You can look a bit younger and let’s face it, for a first impression it can make a difference.

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