Atos is funding the FLEXIGRID project worth 8 million euros to use the FUSE platform with blockchain technology

Atos, the leading international IT services company with a customer base of high-ranking international companies in all industries, announced in a press release that iIt will advance the $ 8 million Flexigrid project on the FUSE platform using blockchain technology.

The aim is to make the operation of the electricity distribution network more flexible, more reliable and more profitable by developing innovative solutions. Atos is focused on business technologies that drive progress and help companies build the business of the future.

They are able to deliver operational excellence, which means that they are always ready and able to help their clients tackle the challenges they face anywhere in the world. They also place great emphasis on understanding and meeting their customers’ needs and priorities, including their sustainability goals.


Atos is funding the FLEXIGRID project worth 8 million euros to use the FUSE platform with blockchain technology
Atos is funding the FLEXIGRID project worth 8 million euros to use the FUSE platform with blockchain technology

The Flexigrid project started in mid-2019 and will last four years. The main goal of Flexigrid is to enable the distribution network to function safely and stably when a large part of the power generation sources with variable generation are connected to low voltage and medium voltage networks. It brings together a consortium of 16 partners led by the Center for Resource and Energy Consumption Research (CIRCE) in Spain. Associated Spanish companies and institutions include ZIV, the University of Cantabria, ATOS and Ormazabal.

In recent years, the energy paradigm has shifted from large centralized power plants to small to medium-sized decentralized power sources with variable generation that feed power into a bidirectional power flow network. In this context, the increasing share of variable and unpredictable renewable energy sources (RES) calls into question the power grid in terms of reliability, stability and security of supply.

In fact, the European renewable energy target for 2030 (32% of total energy consumption) means that more than 50% of electricity will be generated from renewable energy sources, most of which will be connected to grids. MT and BT. In addition, EU policy has encouraged the development of decentralized power generation, electric vehicles, energy storage and flexible demand.

In response to these present and future challenges The Flexigrid project proposes to improve the operation of the distribution network by developing four hardware solutions to make it more flexible, reliable and profitable.

As described in the declaration, The project will reduce CO2 emissions and make it easier to meet EU climate targets.

Viesgo, selected at European level

To ensure that the project is effective across all EU networks, eight different use cases across four demonstration sites (Spain, Greece, Italy and Croatia) were selected to solve the most common problems facing the EU distribution network. The Spanish and Cantabrian Viesgo was chosen to develop one of these eight projects.

The results of this work will provide data for building a platform called FUSE that will provide the latest Big Data, AI, IoT, Blockchain and FIREWARE technologies. with the aim that the European electricity grid, as it contains larger amounts of renewable energy, achieves a more flexible and profitable distribution.

Objective of the backup

FUSE is intended to be an open source platform that enables device integration on the edge by fully utilizing available data from local and distributed energy resources to build value-added services for DSOs and energy stakeholders. . The data integration in FUSE takes place via the adapter. These components simplify data pre-management in order to harmonize the development of the service process.

The energy market is experiencing a transition from a centralized system with passive users to a flexible network of active users with energy communities. Flexigrid will develop a range of solutions to address the new challenges posed by the increasing involvement of variable renewables in the energy system.

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