Atari follows Marvel and Shatner in the NFT integration alongside WAX

Atari I know associated With WAX blockchain to bring your video games to the blockchain in the form of non-consumable tokens (NFTs).

The short announcement on Twitter came after news earlier this week that Atari’s CEO, Frederic Chesnais, had joined the WAX ​​Advisory Boardamong others a member of Google, Microsoft, Marvel Games, Magic Leap and William Shatner.

“We are excited to finally announce our latest partnership with @WAX_io! With this collaboration, Atari is taking its legendary #video game video games further into the expanding world of #blockchain and #NFTs.”

Atari is interested in blockchain technology

Atari is undoubtedly recognized as that Developer of classic video games like Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris and Pac Man. The company has been working seriously with blockchain technology for two years. with the intention of bringing two popular mobile games into the network, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch (with 19 million downloads) and Goon Squad.

Atari follows Marvel and Shatner in the NFT integration alongside WAX
Atari follows Marvel and Shatner in the NFT integration alongside WAX

At the beginning of this year Atari is partner of The Sandbox (TSB), a virtual world powered by a blockchain platform, to create a virtual theme park with an Atari theme. TSB has sold more than $ 1 million in virtual land through three major pre-sales, the last of which sold within five hours and achieved 3,400 ETH ($ 800,000). The land near Atari Park was sold at a very high price.

The company has also developed two crypto assets: the Token Pong and AtariThe latter is used across the platform, with online casinos taking precedence. In June, announced that the Atari token will also be used for games and purchases, in addition to betting through a partnership with Unikrn. In March, the company launched a successful round of funding to raise $ 3.71 million and to launch a public offering of the Atari token, scheduled for September this year.

Blockchain associations are back in fashion

The CNBC moderator Ran Neuner He retweeted the ad with WAX and noticed that Traditional companies are starting to engage with blockchain companies to improve their brands’ image:

“I love that. Instead of announcing @WAX_io a partnership with @atari, @atari announces a partnership with a blockchain company!

More of that please! “

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