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At least two Pakistani military killed in a clash with Indian troops in Kashmir

December 26, 2019


At least two Pakistani Armed Forces military personnel have died as a result of a shooting clash with Indian Armed Forces military personnel in Kashmir, as reported by the Pakistani Army on Thursday.

The exchange of shots has taken place in the so-called Control Line, the de facto border that separates Kashmir controlled by India from that under Pakistan's dominance, in a region that the two countries claim as their own.

At least two Pakistani military killed in a clash with Indian troops in Kashmir
At least two Pakistani military killed in a clash with Indian troops in Kashmir

A spokesman for the Pakistani Armed Forces has said that several Pakistani military deployed at the border have been injured by shots fired by Indian troops, who have attacked their checkpoints.

The death of the two Pakistani military arrives after an Indian civilian and military died on Wednesday in the Indian zone of the Control Line.

“The Army of India has responded to heavy bombardments with artillery gunfire and mortars in the Control Line in North Kashmir on Wednesday,” sources from the Indian Ministry of Defense have explained. The same sources have confirmed that on Wednesday a Pakistani military soldier and a civilian were shot dead.

Clashes with fatalities in Kashmir have increased since the Indian government decided in August to withdraw the statute of autonomy in Indian Kashmir and lower its status to federal territory controlled by governors directly appointed by New Delhi, in addition to launching an arrest campaign mass that has taken hundreds of cashmere activists and politicians to jail.

Pakistan has reacted to the maneuvers of India by lowering the level of diplomatic relations and suspending bilateral trade and cross-border transport services.

The Indian decision to withdraw the status of autonomy from Indian Kashmir and the campaign of restrictions and mass arrests have led to an escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan, two countries that have fought three wars since independence from the United Kingdom.

Tensions have been increasing since in February several Indian Air Force fighters entered Pakistani airspace allegedly to bomb a training camp for Islamist militiamen. The Indian government has accused Islamist militiamen of infiltrating Kashmir to launch terrorist attacks against Indian targets.

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