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At least one soldier killed in an assault opposing military installations in Venezuela

December 22, 2019


At least one military man has died in the early hours of Sunday in an attack by “extremist sectors of the opposition” to a military installation in southern Venezuela, according to Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.

“In the early hours of today, a military unit was assaulted in the south of the country, by extremist sectors of the opposition, with a lot of weapons being stolen from that unit,” Padrino explained in a series of messages published in his Twitter account.

“The military and police units in the region activated immediately and made weapons against the attackers, initiated a persecution against these groups, stopped the first subjects and managed to recover all weapons,” he added. In this attack “terrorist” was killed “an army troop cash.”

The detainees “are providing information of criminal interest and the FANB and other state security agencies are activated in persecution of the rest of the terrorists,” said Padrino.