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At least 514 people have died on the migration routes of America in 2019

August 17, 2019


At least 514 people have died this year on the migration routes of America, of which 247, almost half of the total, have lost their lives on the border between the United States and Mexico, as reported by the International Organization for Migration on Friday (IOM).

The rest of deaths have taken place in Central America where 80 people have died, in the Caribbean islands where 151 people have died or in South America where at least thirty deaths have been recorded.

At least 514 people have died on the migration routes of America in 2019At least 514 people have died on the migration routes of America in 2019

“Women and children make up a fifth of the deaths so far with 67 and 40, respectively. However, the age and gender of the remains recovered in 137 places have not yet been determined,” said the IOM spokesman. , Joel Millman, in a press conference offered from Geneva.

Millman also stressed that this is the first time in the last six years that fatalities exceed half a thousand at this time of year and that this increase may be a consequence of the crisis in Venezuela, which has generated more than 4 million displacements since 2015. Moreover, the IOM spokesperson has reported that at least 89 Venezuelan citizens have died in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

“Venezuelans are the second group with the most victims, only behind the 'unidentified' classification, which adds 178 people found in the desert or at sea long after they perished, so perhaps their identity can never be confirmed or nationality, “he stressed.

Regarding the nationality of origin of the deceased, Millman has indicated that they came from Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nicaragua and Ukraine.


Drowning at sea is the main cause of deaths, ahead of traffic accidents, the
dehydration or exposure to the weather, crimes, diseases or lack of medical attention.

The IOM spokesperson has clarified that the total number of victims does not include at least 11 dead in custody, whether in detention centers in the United States or Mexico. Moreover, it has indicated that there is information on more than 50 unconfirmed deaths that could have occurred in Mexico and Panama.

On the other hand, Millman has reported that in the last 10 days the remains of 15 people have been recovered in Texas (United States), as well as those of three others who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande. In California there were also five dead.


However, the IOM spokesperson believes that the measures of governments around the world to secure their borders have caused migrants to resort to criminal organizations.

“This has been the case of the Mexican border for the past 20 years, where human trafficking has become the norm since the years of US President Bush. The harder it was to cross, the more migrants approached the actors. criminals who don't care about their safety, “he insisted.

Also, Millman has talked about the kidnappings of migrants from low-income countries that go to rich countries where they have families and has lamented that these people have become the
target of many criminals to charge for their rescue. “It is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere, making the environment faced by migrants even more complicated,” he concluded.