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At least 41 dead in monsoon floods in Bangladesh

July 29, 2020

At least 41 people have died and more than 4.8 million have been affected by the floods caused by monsoon rains in various parts of Bangladesh, local authorities reported on Wednesday.

The flood warning and forecasting center has indicated that the situation could worsen as several large rivers in the central districts around Dhaka will increase their flow in the coming days due to heavy rainfall.

After the start in late June, the floods blocked more than a million people in their homes and killed at least 41 people, 31 of whom are children, the State Department spokesman told the data protection agency. Disaster management, Tasmin Ara Azmiri. Most people have drowned.

At least 41 dead in monsoon floods in BangladeshAt least 41 dead in monsoon floods in Bangladesh

Relying on the Global Flood Warning System, the ReliefWeb website warns that current floods may be the longest since 1988, when two-thirds of Bangladesh’s territory was flooded for more than two months.

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