At least 26 arrested in the resurgence of “yellow vests” in Nantes


Some 1,900 people, according to the Police, have demonstrated on Saturday in Nantes, in eastern France, in a new protest of the “yellow vests” in which at least 26 arrests have also been made.

This Act 44 has been marked by the preventive detention of 18 people in the prefecture of Loire-Atlantic and by clashes between protesters and police after which the number of detainees has increased to 26.

At least 26 arrested in the resurgence of “yellow vests” in Nantes
At least 26 arrested in the resurgence of “yellow vests” in Nantes

Few of the participants already wore the reflective vest that became a symbol of the protests in the march from the west of the city to the center, where the altercations took place: launching objects against the Police, which responded with tear gas. Before the march 22 Molotov cocktails were located and a hundred umbrellas and a fire extinguisher were seized.

During the demonstration there has been a memory for Steve Maia Caniço, whose death activists accuse the police of. Caniço disappeared on June 21 during a police intervention and his body was found five weeks later in the Loire.

Meanwhile, in Lyon about 400 protesters concentrated on the Bellecour square despite the ban on the call. The Police have made nine arrests for participating in illegal rallies or for carrying weapons.

The mobilizations of the “yellow vests” began in November 2018 to protest against the rise in diesel taxes and in December reached their peak with protests against the repression of demonstrations to the point that the president, Emmanuel Macron, announced a package of economic averages to improve the living conditions of the middle and working class.

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