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At least 21 dead and 12 missing by the monsoon in eastern India

September 27, 2019

NEW DELHI, Sep 27 (DPA / EP) –

The death toll rises to 21 in eastern India, while 12 people are missing, due to the floods associated with the monsoon season that devastate the city of Pune since Thursday, a disaster management official reported Friday .

“Precipitation has rescinded since yesterday (Thursday), but more bodies have been recovered during the night,” said the head of the Department of Disaster Management of the Pune district, Vithal Bhanot.

The bodies of 16 victims have been found in the city of Pune and the other five in a suburb that was flooded on Wednesday by torrential rains. Some of them were dragged by the currents and others died in landslides of walls or buildings.

According to the Indian Interior Ministry, more than 1,600 people have died between June and September due to incidents related to the monsoon. The authorities “are looking for the missing,” Bhanot said.

Southeast Asia receives every year in those months the storms associated with the monsoon season, which force thousands of people to leave their homes for safety.

At this time of year, India records 70 percent of the annual rainfall in the country, which is crucial for the development of agriculture and livestock and consequently the economy of the country, but in turn weakens the structures of some buildings and walls precarious, often causing victims.