At least 20 dead in a fire in a Baghdad hospital

At least 20 people were killed this Saturday in a fire in Ibn al-Khatib hospital in Baghdad in the southeast of the Iraqi capital.

A security officer has said that 20 bodies have been recovered and more than 30 people with burns have been evacuated. “The civil protection teams continue to evacuate patients in the hospital,” the agent told the Iraqi portal Ninanews.

The director of the Iraqi Civil Defense Service, Kadhem Buhan, has reported that 90 patients and their companions were rescued in a fire that broke out in the facility for patients with coronavirus.

At least 20 dead in a fire in a Baghdad hospital
At least 20 dead in a fire in a Baghdad hospital

“The exact cause of the fire is not yet known,” said Buhan, according to the Iraqi news agency INA.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mostafa al Kazemi ordered an immediate investigation and issued a statement complaining about “the tragic incident”. “Al Kazemi ordered an immediate investigation into the causes of the accident and requested that the hospital director, safety director and those responsible for maintaining the hospital equipment be interviewed,” the statement said.

Likewise, the governor of Baghdad, Mohamed Jaber al Atta, has ordered that the wounded and patients should be evacuated to nearby hospitals. “The governor is following the incident with pain,” he sent in a statement and asked the Iraqi Ministry of Health to “investigate the accident.”

For its part, the civil defense department has announced that it will put out the fire. “Civil protection teams have made great efforts to rescue coronavirus infected patients through emergency windows and stairs,” said a statement from the civil protection authority.

So far, no official data on the number of injured and deceased has been released and some local media suggest that the cause of the fire could be a failure of the hospital center’s oxygen system.

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