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At least 16 killed in aerial bombardment in a province under Huthi control in Yemen

September 24, 2019

DUBAI, Sep 24 (Reuters / EP) –

At least 17 people have died Tuesday in aerial bombings in the Yemeni province of Dalea, under the control of the Huthi rebels, who have caused a house to collapse, according to two residents.

According to the Al Masirah TV network, managed by the Huthis, 16 people have died in a building, including seven children, by the bombings perpetrated by the coalition that leads Saudi Arabia.

The Huthis, supported by Iran, announced on Monday the death of five civilians of the same family in air attacks by the Saudi-led coalition in the province of Omran.

The coalition has intensified in recent days its bombings after the Huthis claimed the double attack against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia on September 14 that affected the production of crude oil in the kingdom. However, both Washington and Riyadh and other European countries believe that Iran was behind the attack.