At least 14 injured in a Chicago shootout

Police said at least 14 people were injured in a gun funeral at a funeral in Chicago on Tuesday. The condition of those affected is “currently unknown”.

Chicago Police Department deputy superintendent Eric Carter said in a press conference on CNN that all the wounded who were hospitalized are adults.

Regarding the event, Carter said that around 6:30 p.m. local time, a black vehicle was approaching the road at high speed and someone was “shooting at the funeral attendants” from inside. Some of them responded to the shootout with more shots.

At least 14 injured in a Chicago shootout
At least 14 injured in a Chicago shootout

Then the vehicle crashed and its occupants left and fled in different directions. According to Carter, “a person of interest” is questioned by the authorities about the event, for which the police have not yet defined a motive.

The shootout is part of a context of increasing violence in Chicago, a city in the state of Illinois. 25 people were shot and wounded on Monday. Meanwhile, 63 people were shot and at least twelve killed over the weekend.

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