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At least 11 dead and six disappeared by floods in eastern India

September 26, 2019

BOMBAY, Sep 26 (Reuters / EP) –

At least 11 people have died and six are missing after the abundant rainfall that has caused flooding in the city of Pune, in eastern India, and the surrounding areas, a government spokesman said.

More than 28,000 people have been evacuated from the lowlands and the local administration is on alert for the possibility of further rainfall, said Deepak Mhaisekar.

Pune, about 200 kilometers east of Bombay, the country's financial capital, has recorded 113 percent more rainfall than the average since the beginning of the monsoon season in early June, according to the meteorology department.

Five of the 11 fatalities died after a wall collapsed in Pune, Mhaisekar said.

Southeast Asia receives every year in the months between June and September the storms associated with the monsoon season that force thousands of people to leave their homes for safety.

At this time of year, India records 70 percent of the annual rainfall in the country, which is crucial for the development of agriculture and livestock and consequently the economy of the country, but in turn weakens the structures of some buildings and walls precarious, often causing injuries and even the death of people.