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Space has been defined as owned by all of humanity, and as such, no private individuals, nation states, corporations or sovereignty can lay claim to Space ownership. There is a possibility of mining minerals and volatiles from asteroids, and using them in space while in place, or taking them back to Earth for usage. These minerals include gold, iridium, silver, osmium, palladium, platinum, iron, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, aluminum, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that asteroid mining will be the way to go in the future as there are over 600,000 asteroids with a total estimated value of $700 quintillion, whose mining rights are available for claim by private individuals, nation states and corporations, using smart contracts, and Asteroid Limited, through its services, will enable securing a claim on some asteroids by claimants. Asteroid mining involves exploiting raw materials from asteroids and other small planets, and Asteroid Limited seeks for Space democratization through Blockclaim — a new Blockchain mechanism. The Blockclaim enables a nation state, company or private individual to, in both terrestrial and non-terrestrial space environment, lay claim to as well as share in huge wealth within our near celestial orbit, as there is currently no structure in place for any potential asteroid miner (nation state, company or private individual) to lay claim on their right to an asteroid. Blockclaim will use smart contracts to automatically define a mining claim, country specific royalty, the ability to establish, sell, bequeath or trade a claim, etc. Once the Blockclaim ledger is launched, the value of each asteroid is allocated into a number of Blockclaims, with each representing a value of US $1,000,000 at a fixed price of US $10 for each claim. Blockclaim mechanisms, within the Ethereum protocol, will also enable Asteroid Limited to make provision for a secure and transparent public ledger, thereby enabling potential asteroid miners to lay claim and share in the benefits from asteroids and other minor planets, which include Near-Earth objects. Blockclaims will be secured with the ASTRCOIN token, and the value of this token will grow as exploration in Space grows. In essence, the mining of asteroids will provide huge wealth and growth to mankind in the future.


WhoClaim helps provide and maintain timely, public and unrestricted access to all Blockclaim information from Blockchain. It validates that Blockclaim is secured and registered.



Blockclaim registration is done by using ASTRCOINS only, and the value of a Blockclaim is US $10. A blockclaim claimant will, based on the exchange rate at the time of securing Blockclaim, purchase the US $10 equivalent, in ASTRCOIN.


Asteroid society, a Public Good Membership Organization, has over 28,000 members that are verified and still growing. It is established in Hong Kong. This society is based on membership and will provide a platform that will help create a huge voice worldwide, to determine mankind’s role in the exploration of Space. The following are benefits of the asteroid society;

· Creates Membership

· Creates Instant Crypto Liquidity

· Provides significant growth in membership, thereby creating a strong Constituency and Worldwide voice

· Allows Protocol Development through a Crypto Market Valuation increase


The Asteroid ICO and the ASTR Token will run on Ethereum ERC20 smart contract. The ASTR Token ICO will start on the 27th November, 2017. The supply of the ASTR Token is 200,000,000, while the total ICO token supply is 100,000,000, and will be released after the close of Token Sale. Token Sale will officially begin on 21st November, 2017 and run through till 31st January, 2018. ASTR Token trading will begin on 31st January, 2018. The total ICO supply is 50%. It should be noted that, for preservation of buying power, BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) will be calculated on a daily basis at 01:00:00 UTC +8 in the website portal.


Token name: Asteroid (the “Token”)

Token ticker: ASTR

Token owner: ASTEROID, Ltd. Rm 21, Unit 801–803, Core C Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Rd, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Financial Auditors: DK Mak and Associates Room 2102–3, China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Rd, Central, HONG KONG

Token type: Ethereum ERC20

Token sale target: No Hard Cap

Total Tokens issued: 200, 000,000 Tokens Max. Final number of tokens created will be calculated according to contributions demand; it will be fixed and publicized by the end of the ICO day.

Mining: No mining or any other means of Tokens amount increase will apply to the ASTE Tokens post ICO

Token price: ICO Token pricing will be: 1 ASTR = USD $10

Use of proceeds: Funds from Token sale will be used for technical infrastructure and legal framework for building a decentralized asteroid mining claim system on the Blockchain called a BlockClaim and the development of the Asteroid Society Platform.

Bonus: At the pre-order period, Asteroid ASTR Tokens will be available with a bonus as publicized at the official Token ICO site (

Tokens distribution: 50% public, 45% company reserve, 4.9% Management and Employees (“Employee Tokens”) and 0.1% kept to maintain the 200,000 BlockClaims of Asteroid Ltd in support of the ASTR Token value.

Lockup Period: Management and employees undertake a 12-month lockup period. No sale, transfer or pledge of employee Tokens will be permitted.

Tokens transfer: ASTR Tokens will be transferred to buyers upon payment confirmation. An automated Smart Contract will execute upon receipt of payment for your ASTR Tokens. They can be freely transferred or exchanged.

ICO timeline: ASTR Token Discount Table

-Pre — Sale: ASTR — 75% / Discount

– On Until Sale Close: ASTR — 60% / Discount

(To calculate for market fluctuations and volatility ASTRcoin will be adjusted to

To both ETH and BTC daily @ 1UTC+8 (9AMHK Time) thereby passing the

Market valuation to the ICO contributor).

ASTR Token Generation and Redeem by Pre — sale COMPLETED

Official sale of Token by company begins 27th November 2017

First day of ASTR Token trading, 31st January 2018


50% — Public

45% — Company reserve

4.9% — Management and Employees

0.1% — Blockclaim maintenance


40% — Membership acquisition

5% — Office

10% — IT Team infrastructure

10% — Legal expenses

15% — Future investments

20% — Blockclaim development


ICO + 0

CERES (Seed)

· Initial Coin Offering

· List ASTR tokens on an Exchange

· Bootstrap community building and start implementing processes in the “Ceres” phase for the Society

· Marketing and Advertising to expand Asteroid Society Verified membership beyond the current 28,000 members

ICO + 6

PALLAS (Society & Claim System)

· Complete the Development of the Asteroid Blockclaim Platform

· First Launch of the Claim Platform that allows ASTR Tokens to register Blockclaims on Asteroids

· Expansion of Asteroid Society to add the market place for members to register Blockclaims using ASTR Tokens.

· Develop a IOS and Android mobile app to allow for immediate and continued access to the registration of a mining claim.

ICO + 12

VESTA (Exchange)

· ABE Asteroid Blockclaim Exchange. Bring on an online Exchange to allow trading of BlockClaims.

· Investment in Space Ventures and innovations.

· Develop the AstroScouts; a membership organization for boys and girls, ages 6–17, for space exploration, scientific study, gaming and activities related to astronomical discovery.

ICO + 24

HYGIEA (Exploration and Growth)

· Introduce Visualization and 3D Mapping of your BlockClaim.

· Introduce domicile royalties for claimant governments.

· Sophisticated Massively Multiplayer Online Game (“MMO Game”); within the framework of the game each player will determine “real-world” solutions to the challenges of space mining and exploration.


Lou Yee Man— Director/Advisor

Joseph Walsh Jr. –Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Sheldrick –Financial Advisor — CPA

Laith Tarish— Blockchain Team — Software Engineer

Andrew Baillie — Human Resources

Greg Mitchell –Blockchain Team — Software Engineer

Steven Stanley — Strategist, PR and Media Consultant

Aaron Harstine — Marketing Manager

Joao Seabra — Creative Lead

Brian Harstine — Product Manager

For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click any of the following the links;

ANN thread:






AUTHORED BY: teejaymuna


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