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AstraZeneca suggests Gilead to join forces

June 8, 2020

This could be the largest pharmaceutical merger in history, and if the two companies were closed they would have a market value of around $ 232 billion.

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AstraZeneca suggests Gilead to join forcesAstraZeneca suggests Gilead to join forces

The British Pharmaceutical Group AstraZeneca analyzed with his American rival Gilead Sciences the possibility of a mega-fusion of two of the laboratories that directed the investigation against COVID-19.

According to Bloomberg, AstraZeneca contacted Gilead last month but hasn’t started any formal negotiations yet. A spokeswoman for the British pharmaceutical company said the company had not commented on rumors or speculation.

The sum of the two groups would reach a record $ 232 billion. If this were done, it would be the most important merger in the history of the pharmaceutical sector.

Gilead is the world’s largest manufacturer of HIV drugs. An antiviral Gilead drug, remdesivir, has been shown to help critically ill coronavirus patients, while AstraZeneca is conducting clinical trials with Oxford University for a promising coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine, which they hope will be ready by the month of September .