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AstraZeneca resumes testing of its COVID-19 vaccine

September 12, 2020

Oxford University announced this Saturday that it is resuming trials of phase 3 of its vaccine against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and is developing in partnership with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca after trials were paralyzed due to one of the following cases Volunteers had developed transverse myelitis.

“Worldwide around 18,000 people were vaccinated with experimental vaccines as part of the test program,” said a statement from the university.

“In programs as large as this, some participants are often uncomfortable. Each case must be carefully assessed to ensure a thorough safety assessment,” explains the text, although it does not indicate the date on which testing will be resumed.

AstraZeneca resumes testing of its COVID-19 vaccineAstraZeneca resumes testing of its COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca announced last Tuesday that it had decided to discontinue its trial of the vaccine it is developing against COVID-19 because of a “potentially unexplained illness” in one of its participants in what the company has termed “routine” “.

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