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ASEM launches a page to promote payment to suppliers within a maximum of 30 days

May 27, 2020

The platform is intended to be an instrument that promotes fair practices in customer-supplier relationships and contributes to the liquidity of entrepreneurs and MSMEs, especially in Covid-19 times.

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ASEM launches a page to promote payment to suppliers within a maximum of 30 daysASEM launches a page to promote payment to suppliers within a maximum of 30 days

The lack of liquidity is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and MSMEs before the health emergency, all of which can be attributed to long payment terms from their customers, which can be up to 60, 90, 120 and up to 365 days or longer. The economic impact of COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem, which has accelerated job losses and the closure of businesses.

According to a survey conducted in March by the Association of s of Mexico (ASEM) in collaboration with Nauta, a Latin American research company, 77% of MSMEs could shut down in less than two months, and 25% will be forced to do so Dismiss staff.

In this situation, the association started the platform The aim is to promote fair practices in customer-supplier relationships, to contribute to the liquidity of entrepreneurs and MSMEs and to recognize companies that implement guidelines for the timely payment of suppliers.

“It is currently fashionable to talk about saving MSMEs. The first step is to pay for your products and services fairly and ideally without financial costs. In this way, MSMEs can have better cash conditions to deal with this type of contingent liability, “said Juana Ramírez, founding partner of ASEM, in a statement.

This is a self-regulatory measure that complements the “30-day payment law” initiative, which is also funded by the association. This includes timely payment to suppliers by the government and companies.

The platform is already being adopted by nearly 100 member companies of the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries (AMIIF) and the Mexican Association of Innovative Industries for Medical Devices (AMID), who are the pioneers in assuming its 7,000 Mypym providers within a period of commitment to pay for a maximum of 30 days.

How to join

For a company to participate, it must go to, where they must fill out a form with basic information such as the number of employees and MSME suppliers with whom they work. You then need to download a letter of commitment, which you must sign and then upload to the platform.

The platform has the email address so that the suppliers of the companies that have signed the commitment can file a complaint if payment is not made within the maximum period. In this sense, ASEM will act as a support unit to make immediate payment by the companies that have joined the initiative effective.

In addition to collecting best practices, the association receives testimonials in the same email from suppliers who are exposed to bad practices by their customers. The results will feed into the legislative efforts of the “30-day payment law”.

There is also a page on the same page where the same providers can nominate their customers to participate in the initiative.

Although efforts in this initial launch phase focus on contingency, ASEM will maintain the platform to further promote self-regulation and best practices for timely payment and ultimately convert it into certification.