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As the original Netflix programs increase, the platform offers less content overall

February 21, 2020

A decade ago, Netflix originals did not exist. Now they compensate for the fact that there are almost 1,500 fewer television shows and movies on the service than in 2010.

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This story originally appeared on PCMag

As the original Netflix programs increase, the platform offers less content overallAs the original Netflix programs increase, the platform offers less content overall

As the amount of content offered by Netflix decreases each month, complaints that there is not much to see on the platform may not be a big problem, as the service constantly presents new original content . But the numbers do not lie.

Image: Reelgood

The agency took a look at what the streaming service has had available year after year for the past 11 years, and the amount of general content is very low, as you can see below. That said, some might argue that the overall quality has increased with the original programming.

Here is the comparison year by year. 2012 had the best content brand licensed in the service, and has declined almost every year since then. But Netflix literally started spending billions of dollars in 2018 to create original programs and that certainly helped.

Image: Reelgood

If we think of movies when we think of Netflix, maybe going back to its origins of DVD rental. In fact, in 2010 it offered 6,755 movies, but that number has now been reduced to 3,730, and 523 of them are original. Some of them have even been Oscar contenders; The rest, despite what you might think, are not all of Adam Sandler.

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The first Netflix original contents were television series. Since the launch of House of Cards in February 2013, the original production of programs on the site has also increased. He debuted eight shows that year and Netflix is ​​currently broadcasting 574 original shows.

In fact, watch TV shows on Netflix over the years. Although 2014 was the great year for licensed content and a drop for a few years until 2018, the licensed television shows in 2020 are almost back to the same level, with the additional reinforcement of all those own content.

Image: Reelgood

Therefore, the amount of content may decrease on Netflix, but even if you subscribe only to the streaming service on demand, you'll find a lot to watch.
Reelgood extracted the information from these charts from a variety of sources, including exStreamist, uNoGS, CordCutting and our friends in, as well as their own data.

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