Artists claim “alien” monoliths and sell them for nearly 900,000 pesos

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A few last November mysterious metallic monoliths over 3 meters high in the United States and Romania. One more was added to these, found in United Kingdom a few days earlier. Many thought so They were the work of “aliens”. and they even destroyed one of them. Now an artist collective paid tribute to the works and started selling them 45 thousand dollars, about 900 thousand Mexican pesos.

Artists claim “alien” monoliths and sell them for nearly 900,000 pesos
Artists claim “alien” monoliths and sell them for nearly 900,000 pesos

The group of artists The most famous artist claimed the authorship of the two monoliths that appeared in the United States. These are the structures in Utah and above Pine Mountain, in Atascadero, California. The collective rose to fame in 2017 when it intervened the iconic Hollywood sign and used it in “Holy grass”.

To show that they are the creators of the sculptures, they shared pictures of the monolith’s realization on Instagram.

They can be seen in another video posted on YouTube Installation of a new monolith in California. This replaced the one destroyed by a group of supremasists who replaced it with a wooden cross.

The destruction of the Pine Mountain monolith was streamed live by a user identified on Twitter Culture war criminal. In the video you can hear one of those present say: “Christ is the King in this land. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or space, so we’re going to shoot this damn thing. “referring to the structure.

“We wanted it to be a guerrilla piece of art. But when it was removed in such a malicious way we decided to replace it. “Wade McKenzie, one of the creators of the California monolith, said in an interview with the New York Times.

About the reasons for the anonymous installation of the mysterious sculptures Matty Mo, one of the creators, confessed:

“What better way to end this shitty year than to briefly make the world think that aliens have made contact only to be disappointed that they’re the most famous artist to play a bad joke.”Mo told the Mashable website.

As we said The group only claimed authorship of the monoliths in California and Utah. So the one who appeared in Romania is it also what you do? And how about the one you found this week? on a beach on the Isle of Wight, southern England?

“For legal reasons, I can’t share more than what’s been said on social media and in the Mashable article.”, Mon condemned in statements for ArtnetNews.

Now that the riddle is solved and we know these are not alien messages, The most famous artist sells replicas of the monoliths at a price of $ 45,000 on its official website.

By the way, we inform you that if you are thinking of buying one, you will want Because they are already sold out!

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