Artificial intelligence in the service of talent selection

They present Hitch, the startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies find the talent that is most compatible with their corporate culture.

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Artificial intelligence in the service of talent selection
Artificial intelligence in the service of talent selection

Hitch is the talent discovery platform that provides the data-based information and intelligence to develop applied neuroscience with artificial intelligence that organizations need to select the best professionals, develop leaders and discover talent, i.e. that needle in the haystack for to find their key positions.

The selection of staff will never be the same again

Among many things that change, for example, the traditional job interview has changed forever. Now video interviews are examined with algorithms, and in this way it is possible to know the qualities of the candidates much more precisely and deeply. This is part of the offer, along with many other resources Hitch, the People tech created by Mexican entrepreneurs.

Hitch allows recruiting tasks to be carried out remotely to gain access to a range of resumes that cannot be manually reviewed for any company. We also facilitate decision making on talent involvement based on the applicant’s skills, qualities, and compatibility with the company. All of this increases the success of hiring and long-term employee loyalty.

We give corporate human capital employees time to focus on tasks that require more human action, such as: B. the strengthening of the organizational culture as well as the development and training of talents.

The main change in the human capital department

“In the HitchWe help companies discover the talent they need to be successful, ”said Gabriela Ceballos, CEO of Hitch during the press conference. “This rollout makes talent finding an agile, intelligent, and humane experience that uses the right amount of technology to generate data-driven insights for better decision-making. The fact that everything can be done virtually makes the rollout This product is possible after a year marked by COVID19 A pandemic is good news for companies and candidates. By finding the right candidate for the right position, we create long-term, happy relationships in which companies and talents reach their full potential. “

This SaaS offers:

  • Selection of resumes
  • Evaluation of psychometric variables: executive functions, personality traits, intelligence, memory, creativity, etc.
  • Competency measurement: preparation, training, knowledge tests for the type of work the candidate will do
  • Culture fit
  • Virtual video interview from which measurements and variables are extracted to better know the candidate

“”Hitch combines the best of neuroscience and organizational psychology with technology to create a solution that achieves great results by analyzing many more candidates and step by step choosing the most suitable ones to ensure companies find who they need, plus a human one Generate user experience. fair and with the least possible bias, ”says Dr. Raúl Arrabales, PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and VP of Product at Hitch.

Gabriela Ceballos CEO Hitch. Photo: Courtesy

A Mexican startup developing cutting edge technology

“Because of the potential of Hitch, we raised $ 400,000 in seed capital. For our first year of operation, we plan to have more than 100 companies in our portfolio. In addition, we will process more than 50,000 orders for our customers ”, assured Ceballos.

While Hitch is expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities, the company is relying on transparency and providing a clear way of creating algorithms and predicting success.

Hitch has experts in technology and psychology who oversee artificial intelligence and ensure the accuracy and fairness of algorithms. For this reason, it was selected while still in the pilot phase as part of the public policy prototype program for transparency and explainability of AI systems under the direction of

C Minds, Facebook, the Inter-American Development Bank Group and the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI).

Finding talent has never been easier with Hitch

With Hitch, companies can make the best decisions about their talent selection, from hiring to aligning with the type of leadership and culture they want to create for their human capital. Our talent and culture analysis, using AI and machine learning, gives companies a competitive advantage in recruiting through a deep understanding of their candidates and the characteristics that determine success. The result is great employee performance that transforms the average workforce into high performing, exponentially growing companies.

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