Arreaza criticizes the “impudence” of Duque, “subordinate to the creator of the paramilitary narco”


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has criticized the “shamelessness” of Colombian President Iván Duque for calling his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro a “criminal against humanity” and has counterattacked by pointing out his “subordination” to his political godfather and predecessor in office, Álvaro Uribe, whom he considers “the creator of the paramilitary narco.”

“The level of impudence of Iván Duque knows no limits. Subordinated to the creator of the paramilitary narco and the political narco in Colombia, his unpopular management is characterized by increasing drug crops and their distribution, promoting violence and destroying peace agreements” , the head of Venezuelan diplomacy has written on Twitter.

Arreaza criticizes the “impudence” of Duque, “subordinate to the creator of the paramilitary narco”
Arreaza criticizes the “impudence” of Duque, “subordinate to the creator of the paramilitary narco”

Arreaza has thus reacted to statements made on Sunday by the Duke from the United States, where he is to participate in the 74th UN General Assembly, in which he affirms that “Nicolás Maduro is the Slobodan Milosevic of Latin America” ​​and says that his alleged protection against the FARC and ELN dissidents “is only comparable to what the Taliban did with al Qaeda.” “He is a criminal against humanity,” he said.

The relations between Bogotá and Caracas are going through one of its worst moments. Duque considers Maduro an illegitimate president and recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela. In addition, it is one of the twelve countries that has supported the activation of the TIAR or Treaty of Rio, a regional agreement with a collective defense clause, for the Venezuelan case.

Duque has advanced that will take advantage of the UN General Assembly, held this week in New York, to denounce the alleged links of the Maduro Government with the guerrillas and armed groups of Colombia, as well as with international terrorist organizations, and with drug trafficking and will ask for international sanctions.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has anticipated that the delegation led by Arreaza and the vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, will provide “strong evidence on the protection and protection of the president of Colombia to terrorist groups to attack the peace” and denounce “the criminal blockade, the siege of the Venezuelan people and the constant interference of foreign powers in internal affairs “of the United States.

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