Argentinian company integrates blockchain-based digital certification

Argentine innovation, education and technology consultancy company, Identidad Argentina, announced that it will digitally certify its blockchain technology academy’s courses, and also plans to offer this blockchain-based digital certification service to educational institutions and organizations that develop training programs at Companies.

The idea behind the implementation of this technology is to enable the authentication of courses, masters, trainings and degree programs through blockchain-certified digital badges. It is expected that the same certificates can be shared via social networks to give more visibility to the institution or brand.

Necessary changes

Corresponding Tony Lopez, Expert on the subject and reference of this proposal by Argentine identity, declares that a very important change is taking place in the labor market, where he believes Businesses face a huge burden of retraining workers, while workers seek continuous development in order to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive labor market.

Argentinian company integrates blockchain-based digital certification
Argentinian company integrates blockchain-based digital certification

• This change has led to the need to introduce alternative and specialized badges to showcase new skills and competencies that potential employers can quickly identify. A great solution is to use Open Badges, also known as digital badges in Spanish. Companies use digital badges to recognize skills and accomplishments such as valuable education and trainingâ ????, Lopez said.

Digital advantages

López, who believes in the technology, emphasizes that this system is expected to ensure that companies, institutions or corporations know that the technology is an ally in the field of certifications that will go from manual to fully digital in terms of the benefits, that brings it:Â Reducing operational costs by being able to relocate and replace the resources that were dedicated to printing, sealing and delivering the paper certificates through a digital process, and also provides security as the information is inviolable when the blockchain is on.

The operation of digital certificates, Badge, They will create a common framework for the recognition of skills, studies and / or competencies among employers, professionals and training providers. Static CVs, the notes, Â need to be constantly updated; Although badges are dynamic, they show the evolution of a person’s learning. They are verifiable and immutable, impossible to forge. Stakeholders can rely on legitimate and authenticated performance without having to worry about investing in infrastructure for implementation.

Blockchain development in Latin America

The digital transformation seems necessarily to be imminent in all areas of the world, and in Latin America it is an area where it began to adapt to this digital transformation a few years ago, which led to the pandemic that catalyzed this process in the Countries of the region and including Spain that will be added to this innovative step of digital certifications, where López indicated worldwide â ???? Institutions and companies such as: Adobe, Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, SAS, NASA, Oracle, Pearson, PMI, Hewlett Packard, Suny (NY), Madison College, University of Illinois, Disney Pixar You already use it? ???. Â Â

About Identidad Argentina is a digitally native company with a management team and employees with educational, academic and professional experience and experience spread across Argentina.

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