Argentine Olympic athlete dares NFTs

The Argentine Olympic athlete, the German Chiaraviglio, whose specialty is the pole vault, started his first NFT called “Jump into the Olympic Final”.

The athlete said: “I have traveled the world thanks to my sports career and I want to combine these two exciting aspects of my life: sports and cryptocurrencies. And also generate a financing option for popular sport. ”. Â

The 34-year-old German Chiaraviglio describes the NFTs as “collector figures in digital format”.

Argentine Olympic athlete dares NFTs
Argentine Olympic athlete dares NFTs

The NFT – Jump to the Olympic Final – symbolizes his passage through the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and his qualification for the final.

Using the MemeCorp service, Chiaraviglio was able to create and sell 25 units of their NFT on the OpenSea platform valued at approximately $ 200.

The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be donated entirely to a charitable cause in the sports field, in this case Nahuel Arroyo, who as a Paralympic javelin thrower needs money for a new prosthesis.

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