Argentina is launching a campaign to find suitable people during state terrorism

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo and the National Commission for the Right to Identity (Conadi), has launched the “Argentina is looking for you” campaign to find suitable people during state terrorism.

This initiative aims to make the appropriate search for babies and minors abroad visible and includes the permanent training of diplomatic staff so that they can take care of the concerns of those who are connected to the country, have doubts about their identity and who want it to regain its history, reports the Télam agency.

“For years the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put its consular network at the service of the politics of memory, truth and justice. With this campaign we want to make the consequences of the systematic plan for the appropriation of children in the country visible abroad. ”, The director for human rights of the ministry, Cecilia Meirovich, pointed out.

Argentina is launching a campaign to find suitable people during state terrorism
Argentina is launching a campaign to find suitable people during state terrorism

Meirovich highlighted Argentina’s “obligation” to “restore the identity of the appropriated”, adding that anyone with a relationship with Argentina or who has doubts about their origins can turn to a consulate to find out about the institutions involved . You are responsible for the search.

“It is to follow the path abroad that the grandmothers (from the Plaza de Mayo) began to take for years,” acknowledged the Director of Human Rights.

For her part, the coordinator of the Department of Memory, Truth and Justice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Nacif, stressed the importance of the fact that civil servants or the staff of the Argentine embassy “know how to react when a person has doubts their identity “.

For Nacif, this first meeting is “fundamental” in establishing a connection and getting the individual to come back and stay in touch with the institutions.

The coordinator led the training process for the diplomatic staff of ‘Argentina Seeks You’ and highlighted the need to “give accurate information” on the events in Argentina with the appropriation of children in captivity during the last military dictatorship.

Therefore, the process that the interested people will follow will be accompanied by staff from the embassy or consulate who will transmit this information to Conadi so that their teams can analyze it and open a file to follow up on the case.

However, in the event that Conadi deems a DNA test to be necessary, she will apply to the State Department for the measure by sending a kit from the National Genetic Database to collect blood samples.

The Federal Foreign Office then forwards the application to the relevant consulate so that the extraction can be carried out as part of a voluntary procedure in which the “absolute confidentiality” of the person who contacted the diplomatic headquarters is guaranteed.

This procedure is carried out in the presence of diplomatic personnel who give legal effect to the law, so that the samples are included in the National Genetic Database and compared with the profiles of the families searching for their missing relatives.

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