Argentina extends health measures until June 25 and asks not to doubt vaccines

The Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced this Friday the extension of the Decree on Necessity and Urgency (DNU), which provides for the application of restrictive measures due to the health urgency in the country due to COVID-19 that has urged the people of the country to apply There is no doubt about the effectiveness of vaccines.

The South American country is facing a second wave of coronavirus infections, which is why Fernández has urged citizens “not to stop taking care of themselves,” according to the national agency Télam.

“We’re reaching a point where I expected a law to regulate how we can continue working on the issue.

Argentina extends health measures until June 25 and asks not to doubt vaccines
Argentina extends health measures until June 25 and asks not to doubt vaccines

The aim of this initiative is to create a framework that defines the measures to be taken, taking into account specific epidemiological parameters, and which will issue a favorable opinion from this Thursday.

Although Fernández did not specify the duration of the sanitation extension, Health Minister Carla Vizzotti has indicated that this rule will be in effect 15 days longer than expected until June 25th.

In addition, the Presidency has reported that the parameters for determining the different types of constraints will be “the very high incidence of cases recorded – over 500 in the last 14 days – and the tensions in the health system”.

Fernández announced this measure during the presentation of the construction work for the Centro Argentino de Protonterapia, a cancer treatment facility.

Argentina has signed a contract that says two million doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will arrive in the country during the month of June, while AstraZeneca will allocate 943,000 doses and work on advancing 811,000 vaccines from Mexico’s health portfolio, according to the person in charge.

Vizzotti described the current moment as “the most critical of the second wave” when it comes to contagion. In the past 24 hours, health officials have recorded the deaths of 689 people and a total of 26,934 new infections.

For his part, the President has encouraged citizens to be vaccinated and not to doubt its effects, while at the same time confirming the good vaccination situation in Argentine society.

“We have to stop the debates they want to lock us in. 18 million vaccines have already arrived and we are among the first 15 countries to have vaccinated their people with at least one dose,” said the president.

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