Argentina exceeds 400,000 coronavirus infections

The Argentine Ministry of Health has reported that the country has passed the 400,000 threshold of coronavirus infections after finding 9,230 new cases and 82 new deaths.

“48 new deaths have been reported since the last published report,” they said. These deaths are in addition to the 34 reported earlier, “the bulletin said.

With those numbers, 401,239 have already been infected across the country while the total number of deaths is 8,353. Argentina currently ranks eleventh worldwide in terms of the number of infections.

Argentina exceeds 400,000 coronavirus infections
Argentina exceeds 400,000 coronavirus infections

Health Access Secretary Carla Vizzotti has described poor outlook in much of the country. “We still have 18 provinces with extended community transfer and we couldn’t define the transfer being controlled,” he said.

“Now we have the challenge of taking action to reduce the transmission of the virus. We have no cure or treatment. The world has shown that physical distance and decreased circulation allow people to control virus transmission,” said Vizzotti.

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