Are you super busy? How to incorporate exercise into your work day

Even if you don’t have time to hit a gym, we’re sharing some options to keep you healthy in your office.

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Are you super busy? How to incorporate exercise into your work day
Are you super busy? How to incorporate exercise into your work day

I’m sure you’ve heard that exercise regularly reduces the risk of development chronic illness, lift your spirits and improve your mental focus. But in the busy entrepreneurial life, going to the gym is rarely on the to-do list.

Although a full hour of training is not possible, Brent Bishop, an expert in fitness and personal trainer, ensures that short intervals of physical activity In your time, this is a great way for business owners to increase their physical activity. The expert gives his advice on how to use your transfers, meal times, breaks and meetings to exercise:

1. Change your transfer

Instead of looking at home office and office home transfers as a waste of time, consider them an opportunity for physical activity. Whether you ride a bike to work or park a little further away to walk, the combination of commuting and exercise is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

2. Visit the park or an open space for your lunch break

Bishop claims that a park bench is a good exercise tool. In his exercise video in the park, he shows ways to get in shape, e.g. B. Doing dips and getting on and off the bench to improve your heart rate and strengthen your muscles in less than half an hour. You also get the benefits of being outdoors. If these activities make you feel uncomfortable in public, they can be performed at your desk.

3. Incorporate practice into meetings

Instead of meeting customers in a restaurant or boardroom, choose a physical activity to discuss business. Bishop recommends golf, tennis, and biking as these are social activities that also provide opportunities to meet customers while they stay active. The “Walk” meetings in the park are also a great option to do this.

4. Exercise at your desk

Take a break from your workout instead of having afternoon coffee. Bishop suggests five training exercises that focus on improving posture. If you do two rounds of each exercise of 15 repetitions each, you will be doing a full exercise in 20 minutes. although it is possible to do it in less time.

To make sure your exercise isn’t interrupted, Bishop suggests hanging a note on the wall that says, “Exercise, come back later.” Not only does this ensure privacy, but it also sends a signal to employees that health is your priority.

According to Bishop, these are the five movements you can practice: Shoulder retraction is about moving your shoulders up and down and bringing them forward together. Not only does this strengthen your back, but it also helps you sit up straight at your desk. Squats, which you can use to stretch your hips and quadriceps; Lizards; SECTION; and funds with the chair.

5. Think of the exercise as a discussion

Plan your breaks Exercise on your smartphone. “Treat them like meetings that you have to attend,” says Bishop. The above activities can be done at any time of the day.

If you’re planning on going to the gym, Bishop recommends doing it in the morning “to do something that will set the tone for the rest of the day,” he says. “There are more excuses as the hours go by.”

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