Are you playing online with cryptocurrencies at Hipódromos de Venezuela?

Last July 16 The official Twitter account of the National Institute for Hippodrome “INH” in Venezuela has announced its willingness to accept bets online using the convertible currency and cryptocurrency method.

However, since not everything that glitters is gold, When you enter the portal and register to check the availability of cryptocurrency payments, the surprise is that no such option is “yet” enabled.on the official INH portal developed by third parties for depositing virtual assets.

What can be seen in the online betting portal developed by BetPredator is the availability of withdrawals both in the local currency “VES” and in US dollars.

Are you playing online with cryptocurrencies at Hipódromos de Venezuela?
Are you playing online with cryptocurrencies at Hipódromos de Venezuela?

In local currency, the system enables payments to be registered for online betting on the La Rinconada racetracks in Caracas and Valencia. with all public and private banking systems available in the country, either by bank transfer or with the option popularly known as móvil Mobile Payment, a B2P service offered by the traditional banking system for SMS transfers.

What is of concern to users of the platform who commented on the INH’s official Twitter account is the fact that Both the platform and the deposits are managed by third parties and not by the hippopotamus governing body in Venezuelaas seen in the previous picture.

Deposits with USD

With regard to the ability to deposit online bets on the foreign currency platform, amounts range from a minimum of $ 10 to a maximum of $ 100, but are only available for credit card payments. Again, there is no cryptocurrency option.

In this case, the platform for the withdrawal option states that they have to communicate via INH mail or support chat to manage the requests.

It is currently not known whether the option for payments with cryptocurrencies will be activated in the future, as no response from the agency has been observed in the official INH tweet due to user concerns.

This employee communicated directly with the agency’s account via courier, but no response was received at the time of writing. This notice will be updated when the institute receives an official response.

Organizations in Venezuela trying to introduce cryptocurrencies?

It is not the first time that we have seen an organization in Venezuela try to take on the country’s new reality, such as paying in foreign currency – especially US dollars – and in a very subtle way cryptocurrencies.

Recently, this medium reported on the temporary approval of Bitcoin payments from the consular passport for Venezuelans outside of its borders.

Despite the fact that the option was available for a few hours, the Venezuelan Official Identification and Immigration Service (SAIME) decided to delete it.

With the use of third parties, the INH now seems to be trying to find these types of solutions for additional payments in Venezuela’s national currency. Currently, payments in American currencies have only been checked with international credit cards.

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