Are you Mauro, the millennial? 3 common financial horror stories

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Are you Mauro, the millennial? 3 common financial horror stories
Are you Mauro, the millennial? 3 common financial horror stories

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the book “Take the Helm: Why The Rich Get Richer And You Still Don’t Make A Fortnight?” by Francisco García Pimentel and Salvador Manzano.

In the past two weeks we have met Gerardo el Gerente and María la Lotería, two common (and worrying) cases in our modern world. Gerardo lives his life chasing a raise … and Maria realizes that having money is not the same as being rich.

But there is one story that is as common as the previous ones. A financial horror story that I see in the hallways of schools and universities every day. The history of:

Mauro, the millennial

Mauro is 23 years old and has just completed his human resources studies at a private university. Nothing as a friend. You have to apply!

Mauro is looking for work everywhere. Certainly a great job is waiting for a man like him, who has always been advertised and is also ideally suited for public relations. He has thousands of friends, he goes to all the clubs and he loves to travel. He’s a great guy, the truth that can always be trusted.

Have you ever heard of having to dress for the job you want rather than the one you have? That’s why you go to court restaurants on Sundays and don’t take off your Ferragamo slippers, sleep, or Ray-Ban glasses, even when it’s cloudy. No doubt, get dressed for success while looking for work. He hands out a few résumés here and there and speaks to his uncles to see if they have any positions in his company.

Why should you get bored in the meantime? Although his parents don’t give him as much money anymore because “he’s an adult,” it’s not like they are leaving him. Everyone knows the most important thing is to “appear” everywhere so you don’t get out of the picture. If you need to be in Tapalpa for the wedding, Valle for the party, or Cancun for the baptism, so be it. Life is one and you have to enjoy it, thinks Mauro. This is not just an idea, but a philosophy of life. In fact, Mauro is changing his Facebook and Instagram profiles. Now he says: Mauro: HR, CEO of Life, Traveler. In search of the big plan.

While he finds work, he meets up with his friends every week to think of a deal (and a beer). He has some Steve Jobs books that he hasn’t read, and his spirit animal is Mark Zuckerberg. “This guy did it. The most important thing is not to learn, but to be smart. “Great business ideas are discussed every week, beer at a time. There is no doubt that at some point they will hit the fat man. Mauro’s plan is to run a super original and successful business and retire young to travel the world. At 30 he becomes a millionaire. After all, Mauro is a traveler at heart.

In the meantime, in order to have money, you have to find a job. If not how?

Something finally appears. Let’s see … “Project manager wanted for a growing international company”. It sounds promising. The work consists of coordinating various incubation and export projects to clients around the world.
Salary: $ 7000.00 (gross).

<< ¿Siete mil pesos? Ya ni la amuelan. Mi licenciatura costó…. Bueno, no sé cuánto costó porque no la pagué yo; pero seguro carísima. Mínimo unos 30 o 40 mil pesos necesito al mes. Así que espero>>.

“Independent Distributor”, “Investment Advisor”, “ship Coach”, “Regional Manager …”

They all sound elegant, but none of them have a salary that’s worth it, or an apartment, or a salary. “I can win what I want,” so they are sales. And I’m not a salesperson: I have an administration and human resources degree specializing in continuous improvement processes. Please respect my title.
Every week the “business meeting” or “networking” doesn’t fail, but for some reason the great idea that will make us millionaires hasn’t come up. So let’s keep looking …

Finally something that promises

<< ¡Ahora sí! Gerente de contratación en World Computers Co. Es un trabajo de cubículo con un sueldo mediocre, pero es una empresa grande, así que se puede crecer. Además hay varios amigos allí, y tienen muchos bonos y así. Es buen lugar para empezar y en mi tarjeta se ve de lujo el título y el logotipo. Además, a los tres años puedo hacer un verano de coaching en Silicon Valley. Señores de Google, agárrense que ahí les voy>>.

<< La mejor época de la vida es ésta. Estoy soltero, no pago renta, ni tengo hijos… pero sí tengo dinero. Es como ser millonario. Tengo absoluta libertad. Si quiero, por ejemplo, puedo irme de fin de semana a la playa sin pedir permiso –ni dinero- a nadie. Y me puedo dar mis lujitos; ir a cenar, a conciertos. Por fin puedo comprarme la ropa que quiero. Esto sí es vida >>.

So a year or two go by. Mauro is the ace of parties and meetings; You already know half the planet. He continues his same job, which allows him to indulge in his “little luxuries”. Silver, gold and platinum credit cards come to you and save you miles and points. That’s wise.

Mauro is now twenty-five. Twenty-six and twenty-seven. All of his friends have “serious” girlfriends and some are even married. Others have shops, offices, investments. Mauro is still determined to enjoy life, but apparently he’s trapped in his position …

So increase your business meetings. Now yes: you have to work. The business of the century is just around the corner. House massages? An app to sell ice cream? A VIP driver service? All of this is fine … maybe? But it takes money and the reality is clear:

Mauro has no weight.

He’s nearing 30, he has a job that doesn’t excite him or pay him well, he has no real deals or prospects, and he’s underweight.

He’s broke and with cards full while his acquaintances are married with kids, houses, cars, and businesses. What the hell happened

<< Well, at 30 I won't be a millionaire - thinks Mauro - maybe at 40. I will be in business one day. There is no doubt.

In the meantime, I’ll stay at the same job. I’m four years old now, it would be crazy to go now. But it’s better that the world doesn’t know my reality. My friends already have shops, houses, and cars. It would be better if I had just one Audi … don’t think I’m a “Godínez” …
Yes. Every day I find the business of the century. And retire at 40! >>

Always wait for the “big idea”

Mauro is the big winner of our time. It’s an immensely common case among young people in their 20s to 40s.

It doesn’t matter if you studied in a private or public university, or if you have a job with a high or low salary. The problem with the vast majority of millennials is that they have a bad mentality, similar to that of María la Lotería: they believe that “something” is going to happen that will lift them out of poverty. For Maria it is the “little piece”, for Mauro it is the “business”. But both are imaginary.

Mauro suffers from “the Zuckerberg illusion” and his 30 years have signed his judgment. If you don’t wake up right away and start building your financial freedom, you’ll be stuck in the same place and spot forever. If he decides to get married he will only become Gerardo the manager and will be stuck in the rat race until his death.

Some of Mauro’s suicidal traits include:

  • Make money but never save a peso. When your standard of living is exactly the same as (or above) your salary income.
  • If they fire him tomorrow, he’ll stay on the street.
  • Talk about business, but never start one. Keep waiting for the “cool deal” to solve your problems.
  • You artificially raise your standard of living when your friends and acquaintances do so.
  • He is certain that sooner or later he will have his “super business idea that will lift him out of poverty”.
  • He doesn’t know anything about finances, investments, or business. His only real hope is that he won’t get fired … or win the lottery.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter whether you make a little money or a lot. The amount doesn’t matter, but the habits do. If you are Gerardo, Mauro or María, wake up! You’re on a road that goes nowhere. Managing what you have today is more important than waiting for what comes tomorrow. Indeed, if you can do what you have today, there is much more to come tomorrow.

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