Are you looking for a job? These are the 10 documents that you will be asked for

Birth certificate, IFE and proof of address are some of the most requested papers when starting work. Do you have them ready?

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Are you looking for a job? These are the 10 documents that you will be asked for
Are you looking for a job? These are the 10 documents that you will be asked for

To find a job you have to be prepared For example, having your resume updated allows you to send it at the exact moment you see an ad that interests you. Preparing for the interview can make you feel more confident with the recruiter . But, a key aspect that we usually leave at the end is to gather all our documentation .

Birth certificate, IFE and proof of address are some of the most requested papers when starting work. Do you have them ready?

Whenever you are looking for a job you must be prepared for everything. OCC Mundial tells you what are the 10 most requested documents and how to obtain or recover them if you do not have them.

1. Birth certificate

Without a doubt, it is one of the indispensable personal documents, it certifies our identity, nationality and age, as well as being necessary for other procedures.

2. Curriculum and / or application prepared

The first is indispensable for administrative or professional positions. Take it printed and remember to be brief, clear and free of spelling mistakes .

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You get the job application at any stationery and it is generally used for operational positions. If you fill it by hand remember that your letter must be readable .

3. Voter Credential

No one can go through life without identification. They ask for it for everything, so if you don't have it, you lost it or it is no longer in force, process it as soon as possible.

  • How?   On the page of the National Electoral Institute you can locate the nearest module and make an appointment. You choose date and time, so there is no excuse.
  • How much?   Free
  • What I need? You must carry a birth certificate, a photo ID (driver's license, work or school credential, card, passport or ID) and proof of address. More information here.


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The Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) does not require any procedure, it can be searched and downloaded through the internet and it is also free. Get it here

5. Social Security Number

If you have never worked or never had social security, you will have to obtain your Social Security Number (NSS) so that your new company will affiliate you as a worker with the IMSS. You can go to the nearest IMSS subdelegation or carry out your procedure through the internet .

If you already have your NSS, it will be enough to present an official document that contains it: your Afore account statement, ADIMSS credential, card, etc.

  • How much? Free
  • What I need? Official identification, birth certificate and CURP.

6. Proof of studies

Your school certificates are very valuable when looking for work, therefore they will ask you to confirm that you have the necessary preparation. The school where you studied should issue your certificate or degree.

Sometimes some companies also request the Professional Certificate , if your university did not process it for you, you can do it on your own through the Ministry of Public Education .

7. Proof of Address

This is easy: a statement of telephone, electricity, water, property or pay-TV service is sufficient. Remember that it must be recent and does not necessarily have to be in your name.

8. Letter of Recommendation

Many companies ask their new employees for one or more letters of recommendation. If your former boss or former company sends it to you, much better. Ideally, it will be provided by people who know you for time and can speak well of you. Preferably unfamiliar. Ask former professors or former colleagues, people with whom you have worked or established a close professional relationship.

How? It must include the place and date it is written, how old that person is to know you and what qualities he finds in you in the workplace and personal.

9. RFC

The Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) is an indispensable document to carry out any economic activity in Mexico that is subject to tax payments, including labor activities. You can obtain your tax identification card even if you have not started working, without this generating any obligation with the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

  • How? Make your appointment at or make your procedure online.
  • How much? Free
  • What I need? For the online procedure you only need your CURP and an email account.

10. Infonavit Retention Notice

Those who have a mortgage loan with Infonavit and change jobs must give their new employer their Notice of Withholding Discounts , which allows the company to make the corresponding payments from your payroll so that your credit is current. You can download and print your document free of charge from your account on the Infonavit portal.

Other requirements

When you start working, you may also need: photographs, military card in the case of men, medical certificate, driver's license, passport and / or visa, etc. It depends a lot on the company and the nature of the position.

Do you have all your documents ready?

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