Are you late to all places? Here 8 keys not to do it

Punctuality is one of the most important qualities of every entrepreneur. Learn to grow it in your day to day.

Everyone knows: punctuality is one of the most important qualities of any entrepreneur. And is that organizing your activities allows you to perform better during the day, but also demonstrates respect for the time of others and makes you a reliable person … a basic point to be a leader.

But the advantages do not end there. Being punctual, you will feel much less stressed, because you will not have to worry all the time to arrive on time or apologize to those affected. To always arrive on time for your commitments, cultivate these habits from today:

Are you late to all places? Here 8 keys not to do it
Are you late to all places? Here 8 keys not to do it

1. Don't make too many plans. When organizing our day, we tend to fill ourselves with earrings. We think: “I'll see how I meet everyone.” However, the reality is that we almost always postpone one. Learn to include only the tasks you can carry out in your agenda.

2. Prepare everything from the previous night. One of the main habits to be productive is to advance as much as you can last night … Especially if you will have an early meeting. Fill your gas tank, prepare your breakfast, choose your clothes, iron it.

3. Go to sleep early. They say the most successful people get up early, but how can you get up with the sun's rays if you sleep after midnight? Make the habit of going to bed as early as possible. Think that if you are late for the first date of the day, all your schedule will be neglected.

4. Wake up with the first alarm. How many times have you been late because you fell asleep? One of the best habits you can cultivate – and that will allow you to start the day on the right foot – is to get up as soon as your alarm sounds. Forget about the “five more minutes.” Preferably, get an alarm that has no “snooze” function. Look at these tips to get up early.

5. Take advantage of technology. Digital tools can become your great allies when organizing your tasks. Download one that allows you to make pending lists and set reminders, and sync with all your mobile devices. Our recommendations? Evernote and Wunderlist .

6. Set two alarms. To avoid being late to your meetings, set two alarms: one for when it is time to get ready to leave, and another for when you have to be crossing the door.

7. Arrive 15 minutes before. Anticipate any setback. To do this, make the commitment to always arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. This means that, in many cases, you will arrive before everyone else and you will have a lot of “free” time. But you will have a much greater reward: you will not stress on the road, you can settle down calmly and people will recognize your effort .

8. Load a book with you. Since now you will arrive before everyone else, try to carry a book or tablet with you to advance your slopes. That way you can make better use of that time and you will not feel that you are wasting your time.

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