Are you an entrepreneur? These are the 5 myths you should stop believing in

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Are you an entrepreneur? These are the 5 myths you should stop believing in
Are you an entrepreneur? These are the 5 myths you should stop believing in

Beyond dealing with the beliefs, rules, or paradigms that have been installed as barriers in the minds of any person determined to do so; female entrepreneurship has singularities among which the challenge over the gender gap is prominent.

Against this background, the United Nations sponsored the International day of women entrepreneursas an important place every November 19th dedicated to the reflection of women as leading actresses on economic, social and cultural impact. Likewise, the date reinforces the need to make women visible in business by opening up the conversation about advances in gender equality in both society and the economy.

According to our founder Ana Victoria García, “International Women ship Day is an opportunity to reflect on the progress that is being made and the visionary measures taken to strike a balance between the visionary measures sought to make the representation of business women a reality.”

Through her experience, she sheds light on 5 myths and realities she discovered in women in the world of entrepreneurship.

1. Myth: Every company dies after a crisis

Reality: Since Victoria147 was founded as Mexico’s first business school for women, I have known that companies have to navigate uncertainty.

Now I realize that the great challenges in the environment are the doors for us entrepreneurs to act more flexibly and openly. Undoubtedly, crises open our creativity to new ways to experiment in different directions.

Myth 2: There is no turning back from a business plan.

Reality: All of a sudden we hear that if the growth of our company is reflected “step by step”, it must be followed closely. It’s not like that! Challenge him all the time! It is valid to adjust, correct or change the strategy. It is important to set clear, real goals and to support them with data such as the financial analysis of our companies.

Myth 3: If the company isn’t perfect, it will fail.

Fact: According to the Global ship Monitor (GEM), women worldwide have less confidence than men in their ability to start a business.

We have confirmed that the fear of failure stems from efforts to make sure everything is clean, tidy, and safe, but it is time to question the false self-perceptions that we consider ourselves to be or less suitable for have looked ready to do business.

The current situation due to COVID-19 also shows how important resilience is in different areas of life and society. Where adversity through learning is a process that requires patience and effort. So it is important to learn from the little victories we have every day.

The fear of failure stems from the effort to make sure everything is clean, tidy, and secure / Image:

4. Myth: I can do everything by myself.

reality: It may seem simple, but the point is to stifle our energy when trying without positive results. That’s why I’m telling you, you have to hire an expert!

By creating a support network and connecting with others who enable business continuity, a support chain is required that has shared responsibilities, roles, and tasks that can help you move towards a common goal. Although it can be a circle of trust like your family or friends, having professionals is ideal.

5. Myth: New trends are very far from my business.

Reality: Not how. Trends, training courses or programs are also dedicated to promoting female talent. For example, growth hacking shows the introduction of new methods to make changes when the strategy doesn’t work as established.

We implemented this tool directly at Victoria147 because it enables us to put the customer at the center of decisions, to develop strategies together and to find solutions to various problems. All of this with the support of data, prototypes and critical points.

As part of the reflection on female entrepreneurship, we designed VictoriaFest as an annual event to bring business women and men together in a space to learn, discuss and grow.

For the first time, VictoriaFest will take place on October 18th in a 100% digital and free version, to expand our reach and reach more business women from Mexico and Latin America. In this way we underline the unlimited power of women by believing in our potential.

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