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Are s Doomed When It Comes To Finding Love?

September 26, 2020

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Considering the month of love has just ended, chances are you and many of your successful coworkers will be asking this question: Is there love for entrepreneurs? Or will our graves read “Founders of …” instead of “Beloved Father and Husband”?

Are s Doomed When It Comes To Finding Love?
Are s Doomed When It Comes To Finding Love?

After witnessing the breakup of another enterprising couple, Jeff and MacKenzie BezosIt’s normal for us to wonder what we have left for ourselves when the great players and their relationships break up.

My answer is: do not be discouraged! There is still hope that your own love story will flourish with a strong partner. You only need a guide to be successful in your business Y. in your relationships as an entrepreneur. Let’s move on!

If you or the person you’re meeting with is early in the business process, get ready for a very wild ride. A study by the Harp Family Institute (HFI), a body that studies the impact of entrepreneurship on relationships, found that 80 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed had money problems with their startups. . Most importantly, there was a direct link between increased financial problems and decreased physical romance in their dating relationships.

But even with these challenges there is still hope. As a relationship coach who specializes in entrepreneurial couples and has owned my own business for 20 years, I want to ease your worries by sharing a story. It may have similarities with yours. I’ve changed the characters’ names to protect their privacy, but the story is exactly the same as it is in real life.

We’re in it together

“Sherry” and “Brad” began their relationship when Sherry’s business was 6 months old and Brad was working full time in a company, diligently planning his escape into the corporate world. Since their relationship was new at the time, there was a lot of chemistry between them to mitigate the challenges they faced. And by challenge, of course, I mean that stress and anxiety tend to decrease physical desire.

But Sherry and Brad were okay or thought they were. Yes, they both worked long hours, Sherry to get their business off the ground and Brad to develop his business plan and secure the funding he would need. Neither of them cared to work all these hours because they shared the attitude: “We’re here together!”

But things started falling apart and after three years of relationship they came to me to help them. Sherry’s business was flourishing while Brad’s business was less than a year old. Sherry was sorry that Brad was stressed all the time, working every minute of her company. On the other hand, Brad was furious that Sherry didn’t understand the priorities he had set for himself and that she wasn’t supporting him as he had with her when he started his business.

What I quickly discovered was that Brad was managing his stress on his own without turning to Sherry for assistance. Add to that the tremendous pressure to show that she could make it in the corporate world and that quitting her job was worth it.

A dose of love and support every day

“Turn around to see yourself in times of celebration and stress,” I advised them. “Meet for 20 minutes a day, sharing your 10-minute to-do list. Make sure you include: a) what excites you; b) the challenges they face; c) what prevents them from solving these challenges; and d) any kind of support they expect from the other. “

The couple agreed to engage in this daily meeting, and this exercise alone began to change Sherry’s feelings of frustration and resentment to compassion. This time alone, she reminded her of the “we’re together” attitude that had worked so well for her in the beginning.

Here are some magical love potions to help you break down all barriers in a relationship:

Think about the skills that got you where you are In your company, they are not what you need for a successful relationship. By doing business, the ambition This leads to control, which leads to a strategy of reviewing what is necessary, which results in the best decisions being made for your business with no emotion involved. In one relationship It has to be exactly the opposite: every important decision needs to be made together, especially if that decision has a direct impact on your life together.

Make an appointment for a digital detox under any pretext like Valentine’s Day or Spring. What your partner wants from you, the entrepreneur in question, is a pre-scheduled appointment that doesn’t involve any equipment that makes him or her feel like you care and that you’ve planned ways to increase the time that use them together. So, leave all of your phones and other devices in airplane mode and turn them off completely (for at least two hours). This will give you a clear message to your partner that you care about it and that you are giving them your full attention for the date.

Save a little energy so that at the end of the work day you have something in the tank to take care of yourself and be with your partner. This can include a conscious decision to leave the office at some point, even earlier than you’d like, or delegating some work to your team.

Plan in advance how you will react in the next discussion. That way, you will have a chance to get into the fight at your best rather than just saying something you may regret. Plan ahead what you are going to say and pause long enough to think about it, “I am responding.” This statement is easy to say and easy for the other to hear. It is also the most obvious thing to be to blame in a conflict.

What if you don’t have a partner?

At this point, if you are single, you may be wondering what happens to those who are single or in the early stages of a relationship. Calm! I have not forgotten you.

If you are in the early stages, give yourself a chance to be picky. Your mission should be to find someone who loves your entrepreneurial side rather than judging it. Find someone who is familiar with boundaries, clarity, and truth. These are the three things that people avoid the most when they start dating.

Always be yourself when you start a relationship. Leisure time is sacred to entrepreneurs because we never have enough. This is why it is super important that you show yourself how you are in the first few months of a new relationship, because this way you can soon find out if the other person is Really She cares about your real self and that you don’t have to show her your exposed personality months later.

Remember, your goal is not perfection. It’s not about avoiding conflict altogether, it’s about how quickly you can lean on each other, drop the retaining walls, and remember the truth: that they love each other!

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