Arbistar payments to those affected are suspended

The alleged payments made to those affected by the suspension of their accounts in the “Community Bot” they ran in Arbistar, a company currently exposed to crime related to fraud and fraud, were suspended, as announced by the company itself on December 2nd.

Through a publication through their social networks, The company mentioned that it had allegedly already made 8,216 payments, but stated that payments would have to be “stopped” due to a “possible change in the database” of data subjects waiting for the return on their investments.

However, Santi Fuentes, the company’s CEO, who is currently on trial in the Spanish judiciary, had done so announced As of November, the company had 8,216 payments and was waiting to make payments to those affected. From this announcement it can be concluded that the company has been stopping payments to those affected since November.

Settlements for those affected by Arbistar

Arbistar payments to those affected are suspended
Arbistar payments to those affected are suspended

Those affected by the alleged bugs of the “Community Bot” are currently meeting in a Facebook group titled “Official Community Bot Liquidation,” an area where those affected have concerned two options for getting their money back.

Option A implies that those concerned are able to collect the sum of the contributions made after deducting compound interest. Those who choose this option would theoretically receive 6 monthly payments up to the amount deposited.

Option B, on the other hand, implies discounting 28% of the total account balance, including contributions made and compound interest. That amount would be paid 50% in Bitcoin, payable in 12 monthly payments and the other 50% in licenses and Arbistar’s own products, which the company declares to continue to work.

Arbistar “Community Bot” bug

As we reported in Cointelegraph en Español, Arbistar announced to its users in September an alleged computer glitch in its “Community Bot” that had resulted in losses for the company by making payments in excess of the monthly percentage income the bot allegedly had. Given this situation, the company decided to freeze user funds to “clear up” the picture.

Since then, the case has been marked by great uncertainty, and even Santi Fuentes, who acts as the company’s CEO, had to answer to the Spanish authorities for fraud, fraud and money laundering related to Arbistar’s actions.

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