Arbistar connected to Russian Darknet

This Wednesday September 16th, Tulip Research, a team specializing in investigating fraud and fraud in the crypto ecosystem, has published that they have evaluated an Arbistar transaction in which they may be connected to the Hydra market, a Russian black market that is maintained on the darknet.

How can you read in the tweet The Tulip team found that the address from which the Spanish company paid a total of 274 users in March 2019 received the coins in a transaction of 11,917 bitcoins that also sent satoshis to 18 accounts linked to the mentioned Russian black market.

Tulip investigators found that the address linked to Arbistar in this transaction “12ZBPbSuqrHFgHoFz4p7aMUww1AN5h7PEn“and that he received a total of 10 bitcoins in it. In our own research on this article, we found that the address received a total of 560.57093580 BTC and has not had any activity since July 2019.

Hydra market and its area in Europe

Arbistar connected to Russian Darknet
Arbistar connected to Russian Darknet

We recently repeated a chain analysis in Cointelegraph where this was mentioned The sixth largest cryptocurrency service in Eastern Europe was precisely Hydra Market. It mentioned that Eastern Europe, from which this black market originates, is the main region for activities in the Darknet.

Hydra Market also lagged behind an alleged $ 146 million ICO in late 2019, which was looking for funds to achieve global expansion. The information on the success of this fundraising campaign is rather vague and it is not known whether it has really succeeded in attracting investors.

About Arbistar

As we reported this Monday, September 14th, in Cointelegraph, the Spanish company reported that the accounts of users who operated with the alleged “Community Bot” were frozen. TOIn this situation, social networks and various communities have started to denounce the Spanish company as “fraud” and “fraud”.

This Monday a video was posted on YouTube of Santi Fuentes, who is the CEO of Arbicorp, in which he wanted to explain the situation. It is stated that the company will remit the funds to those individuals who have not yet reclaimed their invested capital using the Community Bot, and that they will do so in order of seniority.

The company affirms that it will do so at a “2000 users per month” rate and stresses that “no one is going to lose money with the community bot,” although we contrast that with what was mentioned in the press release that said the Fund freeze was announced by those users who were mentioned as having 120,000 customers, the purported distribution of funds would have a duration of 5 years.

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