ARBIDEX Modern Trading Platform for a More Advanced Future

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ARBIDEX Platform

ARBIDEX will present a trading platform that collects liquidity from all major Crypto Exchange digital Exchange and fully automates the exchange arbitration process for its stakeholders. The ultimate goal of creating this ico program is to create and develop a platform for professional traders from different exchange exchanges within a single interface.

Disampaing it this platform to connect professional tools (such as MT4) that provides high-quality services with low commission rates. . There are two main features of this platform ie

To trade in several major exchanges in a single window and automate the interexchange arbitration process strategy, which allows platform users to make profits by using deposits. To eliminate market efficiency, that is an arbitrage situation.

ARBIDEX Modern Trading Platform for a More Advanced Future
ARBIDEX Modern Trading Platform for a More Advanced Future

The ARBIDEX platform was established by several teams that have more than 10 years trading experience in traditional market and other team members have more than 3 years experience in crypto market with assets volume exceeding $ 10 million per month.


ARBIDEX is a trading platform that combines crypto and liquidity assets in one terminal of all crypto currency exchanges in the world’s major exchanges with the ability to locate and apply arbitrage opportunities without registering.

This platform will make trading in the crypto market more convenient and profitable for every user. For example, every transaction for an actively tradable crypto purchase can be done at the same time from all connected exchanges and this will save time to achieve significant value especially on long distance.

In 2017 Crypto market growth is rapidly becoming a trend even within a year of industrial capitalization has risen from 13 billion to 350 billion US dollars. The majority of crypto assets and large flow of funds into the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Currently, it has exceeded one hundred, with available quantities of cryptocurrency and token with trading volume above minimum per day.

Our next mission

Arbidex’s upcoming mission is to open representative offices in several jurisdictions in order for merchants from different countries to apply the legal trading system in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations and other regulations related to cryptocurrency rotation.


The Arbidex Token will also work with its function to give the owner the right to have access to the platform core functionality with a certain deposit amount. The amount of allowable savings is proportional to the token retention amount. If you do not have a token on this platform, the deposit is allowed in an amount not less than thousands of dollars.

Token Distribution

1 Token ABX = 1 USD

Supply Token Number: 25,000,000 ABX

Number of Tokens Sold: 17.2 million ABX

Total Token Ttim: 2,800,000 ABX

Advisor: 2,000,000 ABX

Backup: 2,500,000 ABX

Bounty: 500,000 ABX

Personal Placement:

Target Cap: $ 2,000,000.

Token Amount: 2,400,000.

Bonus: 20%

PreSale: December 11 — December 25

Target Cap: $ 4,000,000.

Token Amount: 4,000,000.

Bonus: 20%.

TokenSale: Jan 11 — Jan 29

Target: $ 10,000,000.

Number of Sold Tokens: 10,000,000.

Token Amount: 10,000,000.

Amount of Funds Collected: $ 10,000,000.

The team is headed by CEO Kamilya Aslanova, and CMO Maria Stankevich. Other team members include Anton Abizin, Denis Pizhevsky, Alexander Kovalenkov, legal consultant Olga Goretskaya, and Vasily Sumanov.

Bottom line

With the ARBIDEX Platform will obviously facilitate you in transacting and gain a promising advantage without having to spend time.

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