Ar á oz resigns “irrevocably” to the Vice Presidency of Peru

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Mercedes Aráoz, who appeared until Tuesday as the vice president of Peru, has “irrevocably” resigned from office and thus rejected her appointment as acting president by a Congress that had been dissolved shortly before by Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra.

Ar á oz resigns “irrevocably” to the Vice Presidency of Peru
Ar á oz resigns “irrevocably” to the Vice Presidency of Peru

“I have decided to irrevocably resign from the position of Constitutional Vice President of the Republic. The reasons are explained in the attached letter. I hope that my resignation will lead to the convening of general elections in the shortest term for the good of the country,” he explained in his twitter account.

In a statement released through the social network, Peruvian policy has argued that “the fundamental reason for the resignation is the breakdown of the constitutional order in Peru.” Thus, he has declined “the assignment conferred” by Parliament after suspending Vizcarra for “moral incapacity” by resigning from the post of vice president.

“Before the invocation of the Organization of American States (OAS) so that it is the Constitutional Court that decides the constitutionality of the measure adopted by Martín Vizcarra to dissolve the Congress of the Republic, I consider that there are no minimum conditions to exercise the task that Congress gave me, “he said.

Aráoz has also affirmed that he has always preferred “the defense of its principles and legality” rather than “personal interests” or its “popularity” as a policy. “I am convinced that in Peru we are millions of citizens who want to build strong and independent institutions,” she said before pointing out that the way to do it is “defending them.”

“From my position as a citizen I will continue working to protect the rule of law, respect for the democratic order, the independence of the powers of the State and dialogue as the best ways to achieve the development of Peru,” he said.

The hitherto Vice President and former Minister of Economy of Peru has thanked the Peruvian people for the “satisfaction” of serving their homeland for the past 20 years as a public official.

In this regard, he has clarified that he wants the country to overcome the “serious institutional crisis” that is going through the good of all Peruvians, especially the “less favored, who are the most affected by the irresponsibility of politicians.”

Shortly before, Aráoz had assured that he would respect the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC) if he decides on the legality of the closure of the Peruvian Parliament, which was announced by Vizcarra before Congress suspended him and after the rejection of the issue of trust presented by the Executive.

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