Approximately 30 dead in a new attack in eastern Burkina Faso

According to security sources from the Burkinabe news portal Infowakat, around 30 people were killed in a new attack by unidentified armed people on a city in the Burkinabe province of Komondjari in the east of the African country on Monday.

These sources indicate that the attackers broke into Kodyel village early Monday and killed 30 people. Another 20 were injured and various houses and buildings were set on fire. This was an overt attack in revenge for the recruitment of “volunteers” by the authorities in the region.

The governor of the eastern region, Saidou Sanou, has confirmed the deaths of “more than a dozen civilians” and two “volunteers” killed in the attack, highlighting that the fires caused “many injuries” and material damage, according to news portal Burkina24 .

Approximately 30 dead in a new attack in eastern Burkina Faso
Approximately 30 dead in a new attack in eastern Burkina Faso

Sanou firmly condemned the attack, whose responsibility has not been taken at the moment, and expressed condolences to the families of the victims, while calling on the population to cooperate with the security forces.

The attack came days after around 20 people died in attacks on two cities in northern Burkina Faso after Spanish journalists David Beriáin and Roberto Fraile were captured and murdered in the south-east of the African country last week.

Beriáin and Fraile were killed along with Irish national Rory Young after an attack on Monday against a mixed patrol against poaching in the southeast of the country near the border with Benin and Togo.

Increased operations by jihadist groups and growing tensions between communities have complicated the security situation in Burkina Faso, especially since Roch Marc Christian Kaboré came to power in December 2015.

Faced with this situation, the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Christophe Dabiré, opened the door for a possible dialogue with the terrorists in early February. “We are not saying that Burkina Faso is against negotiations with terrorists,” he said in a speech to parliament.

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