Apple Pay arrives in Colombia

Apple Pay arrives in Colombia. Bancolombia and Nubank customers will have it first. This is what Colombia Fintech reported and took an article from Forbes as its source.

“Apple’s payment service, with the people you can pay by simply bringing your iPhone mobile phone or Apple Watch smartwatch to a payment terminal, it is accepted “, stated in the article.

“Apple is making sure that the transactions in the wallet are safe for their users because it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID or the device’s access code, as well as a unique dynamic security code,” they later added.

Apple Pay arrives in Colombia
Apple Pay arrives in Colombia

In this way, Apple Pay is expected to be a new payment method in a wide variety of businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and even taxis, among others.

“The service works by assigning the credit or debit card, but at this point the actual card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple’s servers. Instead, according to the technology company, the Secure Element is assigned a unique, encrypted and securely stored device account number, a certified industry-standard chip that was developed to securely store payment information on the device, ”they said.

The first to receive Apple Pay will be Bancolombia and Nu (Nubank) customers who own Mastercard and Visa cards.

Federico Martínez, Country Manager for Mastercard in Colombia, commented: “Our buying habits are evolving. Consumers are turning away from cash more than ever and are opting for fast digital and contactless payment experiences. and that’s exactly what Apple Pay offers ”.

Cristina Arrastía, Vice President of Business at Bancolombia, also spoke about it, saying that this financial company has “been involved in the development of contactless payment methods in the country” for more than seven years.

Catalina Bretón, Nu Colombia Manager, said: “Apple Pay is precisely a secure, convenient, simple and highly innovative payment method; We are pleased to announce that from today our customers can also shop with La Moradita via Apple Pay.

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