Apple may want to hire a cryptocurrency expert

Cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic of 2021, especially with the ups and downs of Bitcoin and the arrival of new players like Dogecoin, and it seems that Manzana you don’t want to be left behind by the fever.

According to a new job posting, Cupertino wants to hire one Business development manager for alternative payments, as it requires mastery of the topic of cryptocurrencies.

Apple may want to hire a cryptocurrency expert
Apple may want to hire a cryptocurrency expert

As reported by the website CoinDeskIn the vacancy it says:

The WPC (Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce) team is looking for an experienced business development manager to lead alternative payment partnerships. We are looking for a proven professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. We need your help in building a partnership framework and business models, defining implementation paradigms, identifying key players and managing relationships with strategic alternative payment partners. This position will be responsible for business development from start to finish, including partner selection, negotiating and closing deals, and launching new programs.

Apple requires in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies as well as more than five years of experience in or with alternative payment providers such as digital wallets, BNPL, fast payments, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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The vacancy does not specify whether platforms for payments in Bitcoin or digital currency should be developed.

In any case, cryptocurrencies seem to be getting bigger and bigger main power.

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