Apple is streaming 7 Apple TV + shows for free

The most popular programs remain behind the payment wall, but Apple clearly hopes to attract more blocked consumers to subscribe to its service.

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Apple is streaming 7 Apple TV + shows for free
Apple is streaming 7 Apple TV + shows for free

Apple has decided to be a little more generous with accessing content on Apple TV + during the coronavirus pandemic, and is allowing multiple shows to stream for free.

As 9To5Mac reports, it is now possible to watch Little America , Servant , For All Mankind , Dickinson , Snoopy in Space , Helpsters , Ghostwriter and The Elephant Queen without having to subscribe to Apple TV +. However, you will need to be signed in to the Apple TV app, which means you will also need an Apple ID.

If you're running out of new content to watch on Netflix , Prime Video, and other streaming services, Apple TV + is certainly tempting, especially when you consider that there's already a seven-day free trial, and then it only costs $ 4.99 a month. And if you are about to buy an Apple device, you will also have one year of free access.

The free streaming shows are available only in the United States for now, but will launch anywhere else Apple TV + has been released in the coming days. The subscription gives you access to all Apple Originals programs and promises new ones every month. Viewing broadcasts requires the Apple TV app, but can also be viewed using smart TVs, although Apple would love to purchase an Apple TV 4K to access the service.

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